A New Day for erwin

As I’m sure you know by now, we’re now known as erwin, Inc. You really don’t need an introduction, because in many ways we are the same as we were before. The same team full of passionate people dedicated to the industry-leading product who love to work with our customers and partners around the world.

In other ways, over time you’ll see some key differences and not just with our erwin.com email addresses.

The way that our new company can build value is to invest in its solution, its partners, and its people. This means maintaining our leadership while also maturing our strategy. Adding new products and new partnerships. This is something that, based upon feedback, was missing for the past few years. We will be changing that at our new home.

But we can’t throw out the old, because that’s what made us the tremendous success that we are. We will be increasing our focus on our channel partners and also continue to deliver a superior level of customer service. Our passion remains as does our commitment to you, so stay tuned as things develop.

It’s a new day for erwin and the sun is shining!

Author Details

Mark Lukianchuk is the former Vice President, Products at erwin, Inc. He held responsibility for the operation and strategic direction of the erwin product line. Mark joined CA Technologies in 1997 as a Project Manager in Sydney, Australia, and has served in progressive leadership capacities during his tenure working with customers at all levels, including the C-Suite. Mark possesses over 20 years of international experience in the technology industry, with areas of expertise including software and database development, project and portfolio management and infrastructure management.