Strategic Planning Gaining a Foothold

I’m in Australia this week at The Open Group conference in Sydney, giving two presentations that are related to each other in many ways.

The first presentation is a case study on the work we have been doing with IBM around strategic planning and enterprise architecture.

The message here is that enterprise architecture is a key facet of strategic planning. We have been involved over the last 12 months in constructing tooling for IBM around solution architecture and enterprise architecture.  We’ve also been deeply involved in ensuring that a successful tooling infrastructure has been put in place for both upstream and downstream architecture.  Upstream architecture is where the strategies and roadmaps are communicated to the business and downstream is where the enterprise architecture governs the solution design/configuration.

This has been a great success, and has allowed to us to repackage this work into actual products that both IBM and Corso are now delivering to their customers, many of which are major organizations.

The second presentation is around EA roadmapping. Roadmapping is a key feature of upstream architecture and we have taken it to the next level by integrating it into our own ArchiMate tool set and into the IBM Rational System Architect TOGAF implementation.

We’ve also been doing work with a number of US and UK clients around roadmapping, so we know it’s working and that we’re getting a good response from Business and IT stakeholders.  Our tooling is based off the lessons we’ve learnt through our IBM work and a number of other key customers.

Strategic planning is resonating with our customers. It is gaining a foothold in major organizations. The need to bring enterprise architecture into a bigger planning framework demonstrates the return on investment of Enterprise Architecture and why it is crucial for companies in order to manage change and understand innovation and cost.

IBM and other customers such as the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in the UK are also adopting our current tools such as Corso Connections to allow EA, Portfolio Management and the end user community to have a ‘joined up’ approach.

Is there a joined up approach to EA in your company? Tell us what you think!

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