Is your organization ready for data governance?

Today’s enterprise embraces data governance (DG) not only to mitigate risks but also to drive data opportunities.

Find out if your organization’s approach to data governance will produce maximum advantage – from preparing for new or changing regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, to increasing customer satisfaction and making better, more informed decisions.

Take the DG RediChek.

This is a comprehensive tool with 27 questions covering five critical areas of data governance readiness, leading indicators of your DG initiative’s overall success.

  • Answer each question by picking the statement that most closely describes the state of data governance at your organization today.
  • You’ll see valuable insights as you progress through the questions and your answers to each.
  • The scoring methodology is:
    • Answer A = 1 point
    • Answer B = 3 points
    • Answer C = 5 points
  • At the end, we’ll tally your score and summarize the results:
    • 0 – 40 = Laggard
    • 41 – 81 = Novice
    • 82 – 135 = Leader
  • You also can print out a PDF with all the questions, your answers and the associated insights. Use this information to affirm your current initiative or build a business case for improving it.

Note: You must complete the questionnaire in its entirety, which will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

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