As the leading provider of data management solutions, erwin is committed to providing best-in-class training to enable individuals to develop skills needed to support the ever-changing IT landscape. Whether partnering with educational institutions, providing online resources or customizing Instructor led courses, erwin is helping to shape and build today’s data-driven enterprise!

erwin is proud to support the erwin Academic Program, to ensure graduates achieve real world skills and technical certifications. Qualifying academic institutions can license erwin Data Modeler to be installed in labs and supporting classroom environments. Students can also participate by applying for the erwin Data Modeler Academic Edition.

Instructor-led training programs are crafted to meet the specific requirements of the customer and provide the benefit of real-time interaction.

Partner Training is provided to active partners via the erwin PowerPortal. Simply log in to with your partner email to access the Learning Training & Pre-Sales link in the left column.