Datatopia Congress and Expo 2017 | Sydney, Australia

erwin, inc is proud to be a sponsor of Datatopia Congress and Expo 2017, happening on 29-30 August 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

In the new digital age, data has often been called the new oil. It is the 21st Century energy that empowers enterprises, governments, societies and consumer behaviour.

When harnessed and managed wisely and creatively, data has the potential to create a utopia for business, government and society, resolving fundamental problems and challenges, enabling greater evidence-­based decision making and intelligent operations. It can drive efficiencies, build competitive or operational advantage, reduce costs and minimise risk. It can also empower innovative new products, services and business models, creating better ways of working and engaging with customers, partners and stakeholders.

But, if managed poorly, governed carelessly and wielded unwisely, it can create dystopian outcomes for business, government and society. Compliance failure, wasted opportunities, cost­ blowouts, failed strategies and damage to the bottom­ line. It can undermine trust in institutions, destroy business reputations, restrict growth, and obliterate value.

DATATOPIA Congress & Expo 2017 has been created as a unique forum for exploring the alternative potentialities of data utopia and data dystopia. Drawing on the experience, knowledge and insights of real world practitioners, case studies and global thought-leaders, this is the not-to-be-missed event in APAC for 2017!