How To Approach University Enterprise Architecture

April 28, 2016

Enterprise Architecture in the University sector is unique. EAs are tasked to improve the student experience, digitize traditional services and address growing security concerns whilst helping various business departments plan for change and make more informed investments.

No easy task to achieve with a small team of architects and limited resources. University EA practices can manage these initiatives and deliver the experiences that students expect to help grow enrollment numbers and bring more finances into the organization.

Watch this webinar to hear Craig Douglas, Enterprise Architect at Plymouth University and Martin Owen, CEO at Corso, discuss Plymouth’s Enterprise Architecture Practice. Learn how they have successfully proved the value of Enterprise Architecture to business stakeholders by working collaboratively with the various business departments to achieve their required capabilities.

Learn more about:

  • Replacing disparate diagrams, spreadsheets and databases with a shared central repository.
  • Adopting an agile approach to enterprise architecture management.
  • Collaborating with business departments to align business and IT initiatives and decision-making.

Recorded live on 28th April 2016.