Import Spreadsheets and ETL Mappings via erwin to the Web Portal

September 13, 2016
2:00 PM EDT

With the release of the erwin Web Portal (Enterprise or Data Governance) Edition came the functionality to be able to trace the data lineage between your erwin data models and the ability to conceptualize the end to end journey of your data and better understand your data landscape.  But to be able to unleash this capability requires that you need to capture your mappings (data lineage) in your erwin data models.

This not-to-be-missed webcast will detail the options and methods that you have at your disposal to be able to capture these mappings in your erwin data models and then import into the Web Portal.  Sandhill will also show its add on solution for erwin Web Portal, called erwin Data Lineage Importer as one of these options. Even if you are not quite ready to implement the erwin Web Portal Data Governance Edition at this stage, this webcast will help you understand how to capture and manage your mappings (manually, or with spreadsheets or ETL extracts, ) within erwin Data Modeler and to align yourself for when you decided to implement the erwin Web Portal Edition.

The benefits of having a data linage mapped erwin data model environment will give you an insight and control over the ‘how, what and where’ of your data landscape, it will allow you to communicate to your data modeling consumer community where the data comes from, what has happened to the data during the process and how the data came into existence.  This communication can be via the erwin Web Portal Edition, or via the rich reporting capability built in your erwin Data Modeler tool.