Tracking the Elusive Critical Data Element

August 17, 2016
2:00 PM EDT

There is an ever-increasing need to develop a process that can find data using the vocabulary of the business. This is particularly true for data elements that are highly sensitive or secret and pose a severe risk from loss or disclosure – the Critical Data Element.

How many times have you seen in the objectives section of the charter of a Data Governance Council words similar to the following: “We will create, maintain and secure our Critical Data Elements with a high degree of quality.” So, of the 14,000 attributes in a typical enterprise, which ones are critical data elements? Attributed to Peter Drucker is the flowing quote: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Well, you can’t measure what you can’t find, or define.

Some of the key challenges that organizations face with their data environments are:

  • Little or non-existent documentation of data structures in business terminology
  • Multiple definitions in multiple data stores lead to information inaccuracies
  • Inability to predict the cost and effect of changes from either internal or external stimuli
  • Lack of standards for the definition of business terms and data structures

This presentation will framework a Data Governance (DG) Ecosystem that outlines the relationship between the business definition of information and the data definitions. We will also review the business glossary, metadata integration, and lineage capabilities of the ERwin Web Portal Data Governance Edition.

About Your Speaker

Don Soulsby is Sandhill Consultants Vice President of Enterprise Architecture. His practice areas include strategic and technical architectures for information management, metadata management, and data warehousing. Mr. Soulsby has held senior professional services and product management positions with large multi-national corporations and software development organizations.

He has an extensive background in information architecture, business intelligence and data modeling methodologies. He has over 25 years of experience in the development of operational and decision support applications.
Mr. Soulsby is an excellent communicator and has taught metadata, data modeling and data warehouse courses through public offerings and onsite engagements to corporate clients. Mr. Soulsby is a recognized thought leader who speaks regularly at international industry events, DAMA functions and the Bill Inmon Seminar Series.