AD Consulting

Data Governance that really works

Company Overview

Since its establishment, AD Consulting’s consultants have been engaged in numerous information systems development projects for various ICT environments, mostly large and complex, which all required a profound experience and the highest level of expertise.

In their long and successful professional practice, AD Consulting has acquired in depth experience and understanding of the specific requirements of various industries ranging from government, banking, and wholesale/retail to automotive, transportation, and others.

All of AD Consulting’s Data Architecture, Data Governance, Data Quality, MDM, and similar projects have been based on the usage of erwin solution set, the world’s leading product for this area of expertise, along with the usage of contemporary agile methodologies, aiming for the highest business benefits for their customers.

Besides providing such consultancy, AD consulting also provides full help-line support for their erwin customers.

Partner Offerings

  • erwin complete solution set, including maintenance
  • Training for Data Modeling, Data Governance, Data Quality, and the complete erwin solution set
  • CA PPM (Clarity) complete product set, including maintenance
  • Training for CA PPM
erwin is a basic prerequisite for the complete, powerful, and easy governance of all data sources of an enterprise Pavla Robnik Flipič, Senior Consultant & Co-founder, AD Consulting

About the erwin Partner Program

erwin's Partner Program provides companies with specialized support to team up with erwin delivering industry-leading solutions to dominate the market place.
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