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Data is at the forefront of today’s information-driven economy and data-centric initiatives such as business intelligence, data governance, and data warehousing are on the rise. At the center of these initiatives lies a data model—providing the “engine” that powers the core data definitions, business rules, and data structures that provide an organization’s underlying information infrastructure. It is this information infrastructure that helps companies have a better understanding of corporate data, managed in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

More and more software providers and consulting organizations are realizing the value of data modeling as a core part of their competency. To provide their customers with a “best of breed” solution, these organizations are looking to erwin, a market leader in data modeling, as the data modeling “engine” to their solutions. Whether it be directly embedding the erwin software via an OEM solution, providing best practices in data modeling as part of services and consulting, or aligning complementary technology via a technology alliance, more and more solutions are “Powered by erwin.”