erwin Enterprise Architecture

Two approaches to achieve the desired future state

erwin offers two distinct paths for enterprise architecture (EA), based on customer needs. If you’re following industry frameworks, such as TOGAF® and ArchiMate® 3.0, we provide a SaaS-based, out-of-the-box platform called erwin EA Agile that will have you up and running instantly. If you’re looking for an on-premise solution that can be customized and fully integrated into your environment, we offer erwin EA. With either option, you’ll be able to better plan, govern and manage change while staying focused on innovation. Start a free trial of the cloud-based software, and/or request a demo so one of our sales executives can take you through a more detailed explanation of the customized, on-premise version.

Web-Based Interface

Whether you run erwin EA from the cloud or on-premise, your team will be up and running fast – all they need is an internet connection to login from any device.

Collaboration Across
Your Organization

Share your enterprise architecture assets across your organization, and invite stakeholders to view, analyze and provide input.

EA Integrated with Business
Process and Data Management

We offer the only integrated platform for EA, BP and DM, breaking down the silos between enterprise architects, business process analysts and enterprise data management professionals.

Learn why data is the driving force for business success in our digital age, including why enterprise and process architects should care.

Drive Business and IT Agility with the Right Data at the Right Time

An agile approach to enterprise architecture is about building ‘just enough’ enterprise architecture quickly and efficiently and delivering it to stakeholders ‘just in time’ so they can make better decisions. With erwin EA, you can focus on giving your stakeholders the right data in the right format at the right time for better business and IT decisions.

Enable Digital Transformation and Connect More Deeply with Customers

With erwin EA, you can drive organizational, process and technology changes that ensure your customers are more closely connected with and better served by your business. Build business capability models, manage application and technology portfolios, and closely collaborate with business stakeholders to deliver the digital capabilities your business needs to get ahead and remain competitive.

Encourage Technology and Business Innovation

Use erwin EA’s ideation capabilities to capture ideas from all your stakeholders so they can be collaboratively scored and evaluated to turn the most promising ones into new solutions. Keep your team involved by creating and sharing analytics that help everyone understand your innovation initiatives and outcomes.

Align Business and IT by Sharing Enterprise Architecture Assets

Effectively collaborate with all business and IT stakeholders and easily share enterprise architecture assets such as diagrams, roadmaps, pivot tables and documents. erwin EA translates your strategic business goals and objectives into a blueprint of IT capabilities while eliminating costs and complexity.

erwin in Action

Springer Nature uses erwin EA to rationalize hundreds of duplicate systems after a merger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is erwin EA different from free or open source tools? Can’t I just use PowerPoint or Archi to draw diagrams and Excel to store data and get the same results?

Free and open source tools can be useful if you have rudimentary architecture requirements, but they can’t help you achieve the same business outcomes and decision-making insights as a more sophisticated solution like erwin EA. With erwin EA, enterprise architects have everything they need in one place to plan, manage and respond to business and IT change while driving digital business transformation. Everything in erwin EA works together via a central repository with diagrams, roadmaps, analysis, kanbans, publishing and more, giving you a thorough understanding of your enterprise so you can add value, increase efficiency and deliver business requirements.

How can erwin EA help me with application portfolio management (APM) by rationalizing my business applications for redundancy or duplication?

erwin EA has a shared central repository for storing enterprise architecture assets, making it easy to build a catalog of your business applications and their attributes. By analyzing this catalog, you can identify applications that are redundant or duplicated and realize substantial license fee savings.

How can I build an enterprise architecture roadmap?

Using erwin EA, you can build dynamic roadmaps to visualize your architecture information over time. Any object with a time-based attribute can be added to a roadmap, and all changes to attribute information will be displayed in real time. Configure roadmaps for business capabilities, application lifecycles, technology delivery, work packages, requirements, ideas and more.

How can I build a business capability model?

erwin EA makes business capability modeling simple, so you can identify critical gaps and opportunities in your enterprise architecture. By focusing on either an individual business unit or the entire organization, you can map existing capabilities to business goals and objectives to get a visual description. Heatmaps reveal important information about the costs or value of individual capabilities and identify where to focus your time and resources.

Which erwin EA version is right for my organization?

erwin EA Agile is a cloud-based, out-of-the box platform that uses industry frameworks, such as TOGAF® and ArchiMat® 3.0. With this deployment methodology, you’ll be up and running EA instantly. But if you prefer an on-premise solution that can be highly customized for integration into your environment, you’ll want to evaluate erwin EA.