Key Features

Business glossary:

erwin Data Governance provides an ISO 11179 based business glossary to capture, define, maintain and implement an enterprise business glossary of terminology, data definitions, code sets, domains, validation rules, etc.

Semantic and  dataflow mapping:

Facilitates the drag and drop connection of design-layer metadata from business glossary through conceptual to logical and physical data models as well as data flow mappings between data stores and data elements.

Live metadata harvesting of data stores:

Connects directly to databases, Big Data and Cloud data sources which can then be documented and mapped in real-time over the Web using the Data Documenter and Data Mapper.

Graphical impact and lineage analysis:

Graphically view the inter-relationships between data elements to analyze semantic and/or dataflow lineage and better assess the impact of change.

Universal Data Model Harvesting:

Import and integrate other vendor’s current and legacy data models.

“High Fidelity” diagram visualization:

View graphical model diagrams in various formats (including IE, IDEF and UML).

Metadata search and browse capability:

Drill-down capabilities allow you to see textual metadata details to uncover definitions, data structures and more.

Model configurations and metadata lifecycle management:

Enables organizations to maintain multiple model configurations, automate model harvesting and manage versions of the model metadata.

Read the full Data Sheet (PDF) for a more detailed list of features.

Data Governance Architecture Diagram

Data Governance Semantic Mapping

Data Governance Glossary

Operating Systems that are supported:

  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or 2012
  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7, 8.x, 10
  • Most popular Linux/Unix 64-bit OS versions (such as Oracle Solaris, Redhat or Mac OS)

erwin Data Governance supports the following database environments for its repository:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 to 2014 (64-bit recommended)
  • Oracle 11g to 12c (64-bit recommended)
  • PostgreSQL 9.4 or newer (64-bit recommended)

Web browsers supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v10 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox v30 or newer
  • Google Chrome v30 or newer
  • Apple Safari v6 or newer

Other Products

Standard Edition

The industry-leading data modeling solution that provides a powerful way to visually design and document any data source deployed across the organization. erwin increases efficiency through reuse and standards, while increasing data quality and providing a unified view of strategic data assets.

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Navigator Edition

Data models are relevant to many different audiences across the organization. The ability to permit others to visualize and analyze the details of model metadata is critical to successful collaboration of diverse project teams.

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Web Portal

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Safyr Option for ERP

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