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The industry-leading data modeling solution with visual design and documentation capabilities for any data from anywhere across an organization.

A complete set of model-driven, repository-based, user friendly and collaborative enterprise architecture tools.

Business process modeling software for visualizing system interactions, business processes and organizational hierarchies for alignment with business objectives.

Combines erwin Data Modeler and erwin Enterprise Architecture in a single, bundled, SaaS solution.

A simple, customizable, Web-based interface that provides both business and technical users access to models and metadata stored within erwin Data Modeler.

A model-driven, active platform for collaboration between both technical and business users to support data governance programs.

An option for erwin Data Modeler that extracts metadata from ERP applications and translates their naming conventions into user friendly values.

By registering for a software trial, you’ll be able to download a version of the software and take it for a free spin. If you’d prefer a more comprehensive, one-on-one walk-through of a particular solution, an erwin sales executive will be in touch after you complete the Request Demo form.

erwin in Action

I’ve been using erwin for almost 20 years at four different organizations in the Seattle area. Features that make it sticky for me include common domain dictionaries, logical and physical view customizations, reverse and forward engineering, robust database comparisons, and general usability.

John Cross, Lead Software Developer