Enterprise Architecture Dashboards in erwin EA

Build your own custom enterprise architecture dashboards to easily monitor and maintain your most critical information.
Build Custom Enterprise Architecture Dashboards and Views
erwin gives you a helicopter view of information in the underlying repository. Dashboards allow you to visualize different types of information for different types of users. For example, an Executive can keep a track of all underperforming Business Capabilities, which might include Claims Management, Supplier Management, or Sales Management. For each Capability you can display associated attributes such as Business Importance and Effective Dates. You can build a consistent view of a set of important Business Capabilities. Another example is to build a Dashboard View of Critical Business Processes that are not yet automated, allowing you to see at a glance where you need to spend some time and resources. You can also view other information such as Applications, with their current Lifecycle status, numbers of Active Users and the perceived value of each Application to the organization.
Personal or Corporate Dashboard
All of the attributes in the Enterprise Architecture Dashboards and Views you can manage yourself, so you can decide what goes on your own personal Dashboard so you can keep a track of the information that matters to your own work, and what goes on to the Corporate dashboard for other users to view.
Calculated Roll-ups
For financial and data information you can roll-up information from multiple objects into a single object attribute. So for example, a Work Package, you can roll-up all the financial costs of the Applications within it and calculate the total cost for the Work Package.
Drill down to the detail
You can select any object displayed on the Dashboard to view its detailed attribute and relationship information. Here you can read, edit and delete data as required (with required permission). Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality every week, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or trial account.

Using Pairwise Comparison in erwin EA

A pairwise comparison will help you evaluate the potential value, risk, cost and alignment of your ideas, requirements and other concepts.
Compare concepts to identify priorities
erwin EA allows you to invite your stakeholder communities to compare concepts (requirements, goals, ideas, components etc) against each other to understand which are seen to be most important or valuable among your team members, stakeholders and the wider organization including Line of Business Managers and Executives. Using the Pairwise Comparison capability you can build up a list of your highest rated concepts.
Customize your process
Using a sliding-scale weighting system, users can indicate how strongly they prefer one concept over its comparison concept. There preferences are added to the combined total resulting in an accurate overall opinion of the organization or stakeholder community. Fully customizable, Administrators can even amend the weight assigned to individual contributors, so for example, if you want the preferences of C-level executives to carry more weight than any other stakeholder.
Visualize results
The platform provides you with a visual indication of the concepts that scored highly by the contributors, with a simple graph showing results. You can use this to understand the organization's priorities and be more responsive to what the business demands and feels is important to develop. *Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality every week, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or trial account.

Collaborative Enterprise Architecture in erwin EA

Collaborative enterprise architecture brings your architects, decision makers and stakeholders together for better business and IT agility.
Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Opens EA to the wider organization
Collaboration is key to a vibrant enterprise architecture and/or IT innovation program. erwin EA makes it incredibly easy for you, your team and everybody else in your organization to collaborate, providing visibility of what you are building and inviting stakeholders to contribute and provide feedback. You can assign stakeholders different role-based access permissions to view and engage with your concepts, inviting them to collaborate and complete tasks; whether that's reviewing model data, adding concept attributes to a roadmap, providing feedback about where to focus efforts on a kanban board, or scoring concepts in a campaign.
You decide who can collaborate
You define who can collaborate, complete tasks and view information. Add collaborators and the role that you want them to play in developing your enterprise architecture and innovation concepts. Each user has their own list of assigned tasks, and receive automated email notifications via the erwin platform when changes take place or when they have been assigned a task or added as a collaborator on a specific asset.
Assign tasks to collaborators
Collaborating on tasks helps keep your assets up-to-date and increase the consumption of the information that you produce. The more that your architecture and innovation assets are used, the more valuable they are to the organization. By enabling everyone to  collaborate you reduce the barriers to using the data and provide more consistent and more timely information in the correct format to decision makers when it is required. It's very easy for invited collaborators find data that's of interest to them, spot where something is outdated or changed and bring that up-to-date very quickly. *Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality every week, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or trial account.

Enterprise Architecture Campaigns in erwin EA

Engage your team, stakeholders, line of business managers and decision makers in enterprise architecture and IT innovation via enterprise architecture campaigns.
Engage Everyone
erwin EA allows you and your team to engage the entire organization in your enterprise architecture and innovation initiatives. Campaigns make it easy for you to gather information from different stakeholder groups to help you meet your goals. You decide the type of concepts you want to capture through your enterprise architecture Campaigns. For example, you might want to capture requirements, ideas, or application components from your targeted stakeholders. You can then leverage that input to build your assets.
Build Enterprise Architecture Campaigns to Help Meet Your Goals
When creating a new enterprise architecture Campaign, you decide which specific stakeholder Community you want to target. For example, you can run a campaign to your architecture team, a specific Line of Business, or all customer facing employees. You can target a niche group of specialists or everybody across organization! Your Campaign has a start date and an optional end date - so that campaigns can be time-bound or on-going depending on its purpose. A sponsor is also assigned to each campaign to help promote and support it.
Advertise your campaigns across the enterprise
All stakeholders in your target Community receive an email directing them to participate in your Campaign and provide input. They will see the public page for your Campaign which prompts them to submit their own information. Invited stakeholders can also view other concepts that have been submitted by the Community, and using gamification techniques, can score those concepts to show support. Through this you can gather feedback and understand what your stakeholders feel are the most promising, valuable and worthwhile concepts to develop. As the Campaign owner you can easily see your Top Rated concepts! *Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality every week, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or Trial account.

Collaborative Kanban Boards in erwin EA

Bring your information to life by using flexible and collaborative kanban boards for idea management.
Manage and organize work streams
Bring your different work streams to life with erwin EA kanban boards. Visualize and manage your different concepts as they move through various stages of a given process. Understand and effectively organize your efforts around your strategic business and IT objectives. Each column of the kanban board represents a specific phase, time or stage of a process, while the cards placed onto the columns are your concepts. Simply drag and drop to move a card from one column to another.
Kanban Boards: Useful Examples
You can create your own custom kanban boards to suite your requirements. Some useful kanban board examples include:
  • TOGAF ADM - each a phase of the ADM framework is represented by a column on the kanban board. Concepts move across the kanban board as they progress through the ADM lifecycle.
  • Application Portfolio Management - get a view of where each application is on the application rationalization process.
  • Idea Management - a timeline of where new ideas and innovations will be released.
By adopting this approach its possible to identify bottlenecks in your process, and understand where you and your collaborators need to focus time and effort to ensure concepts are developed correctly. *Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality every week, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or Trial account.

Enterprise Architecture Analysis in erwin EA

Enterprise architecture analysis in erwin EA allows you to analyze, segment, filter, and present information any way you need to get a new perspective on your concepts.
Slice, dice and analyze data without spreadsheets!
In the past, we had to export data into Excel to develop a pivot table capable of pulling data apart for in-depth analysis. This is a complex and time-consuming way of working. Not anymore! erwin EA gives you a very powerful and flexible Pivot Table analysis tool. Simply drag and drop the attributes of your selected concepts in the repository, to build up the pivot table and gain granular-level insight into your data.
Flexible analytics to manipulate and present your data
Multiple views allow you to present and understand your data in the most suitable way given the type of information and the requirements of the viewer. For example, technical stakeholders may need an extremely detailed view of the data to understand where to focus their efforts, while Line of Business Managers or C-Level executives require high-level views of concepts to help with strategic decision-making.
Publish and share your enterprise architecture analysis
erwin makes it easy for you and your team to publish your analysis on-the-fly. Simply add it to your document builder, add text and other content as required, and then publish as a PDF or web page URL whenever you're ready. *Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality every week, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or Trial account.

Enterprise Architecture Diagrams in erwin EA

Utilize erwin EA's enterprise architecture diagrams to visualize the impact of change by modeling your business, technology, people, processes, ideas and much more.
Intuitive and Powerful Enterprise Architecture Diagrams
Diagrams enable you to build and analyze different models, processes, ideas, workflows and much more, by visualizing the relationships between various concepts. erwin's powerful diagramming tool allows you and your team to model multiple different views of your business and technology organizations. You can also create your own custom views as required. The drag and drop drawing capability allows you to easily build new diagrams from scratch, adding concepts from the repository or create brand new ones. Alternatively you can add concepts into your definition and the model is built automatically for you. Whichever approach you choose, erwin EA gives you everything you need to produce accurate and timely models.
Build ArchiMate® compliant models
Draw diagrams any way you want with ArchiMate® compliant models out-of-the-box for consistent communication or your organizations architecture. erwin EA is certified by the Open Group as an ArchiMate® compliant tool.
Manage concept attributes directly in your diagram
Simply right click on any concept in your diagram to view all the related attributes and relationships, make your required changes, and then return to your diagram. Changes made to your diagram concepts will be reflected in the repository.
Multiple viewpoints
There are many different views to select from: Stakeholder Viewpoint, Goal Realization View, Business Capability Viewpoint, Business Function Viewpoint, Layered View, Motivation Viewpoint and many more. Plus you're able to create a customized view whenever you need, so you can present your ideas and information in the most relevant, easy to understand format. You can even change the layout of your diagram from the traditional view to a Circular layout for a different angle on your concepts and relationships that is easier for your stakeholders to understand. Last but not least, erwin makes it easy to invite collaborators to view, comment and contribute to your diagrams and models. You can also publish your models directly from the Diagramming tool to a PDF document or web page URL using the on-the-fly publishing tool. *Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality every week, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or Trial account.

Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps in erwin EA

Enterprise architecture roadmaps allow you to visualize information and assets over time, identify gaps and shape your future-state organization.
Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps Help You Visualize Your Current and Future-state
erwin's simple yet powerful enterprise architecture roadmaps let you visualize your enterprise architecture and innovation information overlaid by time, so that you can see whats happening with a time-based view. You can look at a single point in time, or a date range such as 2015 through 2020.
Identify gaps and risk
Roadmaps are useful to look for things that are going to be mismatched, for example, a new application scheduled to go live before the hardware is provisioned, or a work package scheduled to be delivered after the target goal date. You can also identify the potential risk of alternative future-state scenarios to make more informed recommendations and decisions.
Configure exactly what you want to see
The user defines the Roadmap - the red line shows today's date, and the concepts displayed are specified by the user. The time-based attributes of each concept displayed here on the Roadmap, and any concept can be selected to view its attributes and make changes. *Our developers work very hard to release updates and new functionality, which means the GUI (graphical user interface) in the video is sometimes a little different than your Live or Trial account.

How to Migrate Data from erwin Data Modeler r7 to r9

Need to know how to migrate data from erwin Data Modeler r7 to r9? It doesn't have to be an onerous process, but it does require planning in order for it to occur smoothly. This video covers all the steps you need to consider, the resources you need to review, and provides helpful tips on how make a smooth migration from r7 to r9.