erwin Data Modeler r9 Workgroup Edition Support for Directory Services

This video provides a look at how directory services are implemented, used and managed in erwin Data Modeler r9 Workgroup Edition.

erwin Data Modeler Technical Overview Bulk Editor and Bulk Editor Wizard

The new Bulk Editor provides a single area in the user interface to edit a small set of properties over a large number of objects. The Bulk Editor includes the Bulk Editor Wizard that lets you change the object instances and properties that appear in the Bulk Editor.

erwin Data Modeler Spell Check Enhancements

erwin Data Modeler comes with a new licensing mechanism. The duration of your license, and the functionality you experience in your erwin Data Modeling product, is determined by the type of license you have purchased. This allows you to unlock increased functionality from your installation simply by purchasing, receiving, and entering a different license. This video describes how this new mechanism works.

erwin Data Modeler Print Enhancements

The Print dialog has been redesigned to simplify access to current options, and for new features. This dialog lets you select a printer and set basic options, such as the print range, the number of copies, what to print, and how to print. You can print the current diagram, the current selection, or all diagrams.

CA erwin Web Portal Overview

See a demo of the erwin Web Portal, including Impact Analysis, Diagram Visualization, Search, and more.

erwin Data Modeler Technical Overview SQL Server 2008 Support

SQL Server 2008 support was added for r8. This video covers the new physical objects and redesigned property editors.

erwin Data Modeler Technical Overview History & Notes Overview

Model and object history and user notes are conveniently combined into one tab. Now you can learn how to view history and add user notes to objects to provide better context for an entire modeling team.

erwin Installing the Application

This video gives you an opportunity to view the installation process for erwin Data Modeler r8 before you actually begin.

erwin Data Modeler Technical Overview Working with CSV Files in the Bulk Editor

Work with CSV files in the new Bulk Editor to make it easy to edit model data outside of erwin Data Modeler. Rather than editing names and definitions in each object's editor, simply use the export to CSV and import to Bulk Editor feature to accomplish all your editing tasks at once.