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Collaborative enterprise architecture isn’t a new idea. The very nature of Enterprise Architecture (EA) demands a collaborative effort. Enterprise architects are responsible for the architecture across the company, but they don’t own it. That’s down to the relevant departmental managers. This considered, EA has long claimed to be a collaboration focused – but how collaborative...

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) trends towards increasing organizational agility, driving technology innovation and delivering business outcomes have helped to make the domain’s value more obvious to the wider stakeholder community. Not only that, but Enterprise Architecture’s value is now being realized a lot sooner than before amongst less mature organizations, to show a Return on Investment (ROI). That said,...

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The ascent of digital business has been staggering. It’s not only changed the landscape on which businesses typically operate, it’s also fundamentally changed the way customers both perceive and interact with the business. Weekends and national holiday’s no longer mean shorter business hours, as the consumer is ready, able and willing to reach out to...

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