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The personal data of more than 143 million people – half the United States’ entire population – may have been compromised in the recent Equifax data breach. With every major data breach comes post-mortems and lessons learned, but one area we haven’t seen discussed is how enterprise architecture might aid in the prevention of data...

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It’s almost 2018, so there’s a good chance a portion of your business relies on the cloud. You’ve either moved some legacy systems there already, or you’re adopting entirely new, cloud-based systems – or both. But what about enterprise architecture for the cloud? After all, it’s the glue that helps tie all your disparate IT...

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There’s debate surrounding the term “logical data warehouse.” Some argue that it is a new concept, while others argue that all well-designed data warehouses are logical and so the term is meaningless. This is a key point I’ll address in this post. I’ll also discuss data warehousing that incorporates some of the technologies and approaches...

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