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In modern, data-driven busienss, it’s integral that organizations understand the reasons for bad data and how best to address them. Data has revolutionized how organizations operate, from customer relationships to strategic decision-making and everything in between. And with more emphasis on automation and artificial intelligence, the need for data/digital trust also has risen. Even minor...

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The constantly evolving business landscape means digital and business transformation efforts must be made with continuous improvement in mind. For Southern California Edison (SCE), detailed and comprehensive business process (BP) modeling is the only way to achieve continuous improvement. And because continuous improvement is one of SCE’s key corporate values, the company has chosen to...

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We began a new blog series last week on business process (BP) modeling and its role within the enterprise. This week’s focus is on the connection between business process modeling and standard operating procedures. Specifically, using BP tools to help organizations streamline how they manage their standard operating procedures (SOPs). Standard Operating Procedures: A New...

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To achieve its objectives, an organization must have a complete understanding of its processes. Therefore, business process design and analysis are key to defining how a business operates and ensures employees understand and are accountable for carrying out their responsibilities. Understanding system interactions, business processes and organizational hierarchies creates alignment, with everyone pulling in the...

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