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Risk avoidance and risk management are hot topics that seem to govern decision-making – and with good reason. Risk comes with potentially massive operational, financial, reputational and legal repercussions, so it makes absolute sense to do everything possible to model it, understand it, analyse it and ultimately mitigate it. But not all risk is created...

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Data governance and business process management must be linked. Following the boom in data-driven business data governance (DG) has taken the modern enterprise by storm, garnering the attention of both the business and technical realms with an explosion of methodologies, targeted systems and training courses. That’s because a major gap needs to be addressed. But...

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The ability to quickly collect vast amounts of data, analyze it, and then use what you’ve learned to help foster better decision-making is the dream of many a business executive. But like any number of things that can be summarized in a single sentence, it’s much harder to execute on such a vision than it...

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In the current data-driven business climate, the benefits of process and process-based strategy are more desirable to organizations than ever. Industry regulations and competition traditionally have driven organizational change, but such “transformation” has rarely been comprehensive or truly transformative. Rather, organizational transformation has come in waves, forcing companies and their IT ecosystems to ride them...

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