Information Security

erwin is ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management certified for the provision of SaaS and Hosting services.

We understand that your information is extremely important to you and your business, and protecting it is our priority. After all, our own strategic information, along with that of hundreds of other companies, are managed with erwin’s solutions.

erwin’s software and security infrastructure has been architected to ensure the highest security and performance among enterprise SaaS environments. erwin solutions are scalable and reliable, giving our clients the ability to effectively plan and manage their changing business strategy objectives and IT capabilities with greater agility.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management

erwin is certified as meeting ISO 27001:2013 requirements for the provision of SaaS and Hosting services by an independent assessment bureau (certificate 203781 from the British Assessment Bureau). ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized best practice for Information Security Management. With this certification we are one step ahead of many other SaaS and Hosted solution vendors who rely on Information Security Management accreditation of their hosting partner.

Data Center Security

erwin SaaS and Hosted solutions are housed in highly secure, controlled-access distributed data centers, with 24/7/365 trained security and digital video monitoring and recording. Physical access to the data centers is restricted to all individuals by physical, biometric and card key access requirements. erwin customer data is backed up daily to a secondary location.

Solution Security

erwin SaaS and Hosted solutions communicate between customers and our data centers with 256-bit SSL encryption with the latest Anti Virus/Malware and Firewall technology. As well as the security provided via the hosting environment and erwin’s internal policies and procedures, there are many protective capabilities built into the solutions:

  • RAID for resilience and performance
  • 2N protection against drive failure
  • Corruption prevention via silent data corruption checks
  • Multi-level data backup – hourly, daily and weekly
  • Geographically distributed physical data backup
  • 24 hour 365 day telephone infrastructure support

We have detailed security information available to all erwin customers on request to relevant individuals.