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9 Must-Join Groups for Enterprise Architects

by Bunny Tharpe       • March 10, 2016

Linkedin can be a great place to find new opportunities, and let new opportunities find you. That said, many people assume that’s all it’s for. Used correctly, Linkedin can be a great source of new knowledge, and a good way to keep an eye out for industry trends.

A quick search on Linkedin for the Enterprise Architect job title returns over 70,000 results – a healthy number to say the least. And the easiest way to connect to fellow Enterprise Architects? Linkedin Groups.

(Note: Some of the groups mentioned have been made public, meaning any LinkedIn member is free to join. Others we’ve included are private, meaning you can click to join them but will have to wait to be approved to join by the group’s owner or moderator.)


Shameless self promotion to start. If you’re at all interested in Enterprise Architecture, and what we do, one of the best ways to keep up to date is to give our company page a follow. Feel free to comment and discuss anything Enterprise Architecture related.

And now for the rest…

1. The Enterprise Architecture Network

Members: 100,000 +
Created: October 2007

One of the biggest and best sources of Enterprise Architecture information. Have a general interest in Enterprise Architecture? This group is for you and always your first port of call.

2. Enterprise Architecture Forum

Members: 20,000+
Created: October 2007

Cast in the same mould as The Enterprise Architecture Network – This group is a place to discuss Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, Enterprise Architecture Methodologies and new advances on Enterprise Architecture.

3. ArchiMate

Members: 7,000+
Created: January 2008

ArchiMate® is the open and independent graphical modeling language for enterprise architecture governed by The Open Group. This groups offers its members a competitive source of information.


Members: 13,000+
Created: February 2008

TOGAF is a framework, a detailed method and a set of supporting tools for developing enterprise architecture. LinkedIn’s largest TOGAF interest group – join this one if you want to get involved in TOGAF discussions.

5. The Open Group

Members: 11,000+
Created: October 2008

The Open Group is a global consortium, leading the development of open, vendor-neutral IT standards and certifications. The Open Group is a fantastic open source for EA practitioners to ask for advice and get specific product information.

6. TOGAF for Architecture

Members: 30,000+
Created: march 2008

The principle group for TOGAF for Architecture – Members of this group may expect to be invited for review engagements in the development of best practice publications.

7. Enterprise Architecture Group

Members: 16,000
Created: April 2008

A hot bed for EA practitioners and the like. Exclusively about EA; request to join this group if you want to get involved.

8. Association Enterprise Architects

Members: 6,000
Created: January 2008

Calls itself the ‘definitive professional association for Enterprise Architects’. This group’s aim is to increase job opportunities for all of its members and ‘increase their market value by advancing professional excellence’.

9. Gartner Enterprise Architecture (Xchange)

Members: 4,413
Created: May 2008

This EA networking group is great for reaching out and building your professional network of colleagues with similar EA opportunities and challenges. Share, learn and engage in an open forum of collaboration.

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