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erwin Adds Business Process Modeling to the Platform

by Mariann McDonagh       • December 8, 2016

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Casewise, a leading provider of business process modeling solutions. Click here to read our press release, issued this afternoon.

Organizations have massive amounts of data scattered throughout their enterprise and often struggle to see this data in the context of where and how it’s being used by enterprise processes, technologies and applications. This visibility and understanding is critical to building the data-driven enterprise and to the solid foundation of every big data initiative. That’s why erwin and Casewise is such a compelling combination.

Casewise powerful process modeling integrated deeply into the erwin data management platform delivers the following key benefits for customers and the larger big data marketplace:

  • Data Interoperability and Lineage: Through visualization of models, identify where and how data elements are being used throughout the organization
  • Data Impact Analysis: Shows data in context, with the ability to identify applications, processes and technologies that will directly be impacted by changes to the data design
  • Design and Create Database Structures: Create database design and data definition language (DDL) directly from visual models
  • Business Process Simulation: After analyzing existing operations, assess the impact of potential changes before expensive and time consuming implementations

In less than 9 months since we took erwin out of CA and launched erwin, Inc., and we’ve done two transformational acquisitions and have developed a very exciting vision and roadmap. erwin is truly building the foundation for the new data-driven enterprise and we believe this has powerful benefits for our customers and our partners.

Please join us at our upcoming customer and partner webcasts to learn more about our vision, market view and what this means for you.

Register for our customer webcast, Monday, December 12 at 12 PM ET

Register for our partner webcast, Thursday, December 15 at 10 AM ET

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  • Zak Cole the Casewise Process Modeling tool has been rebranded to bring it in line with the erwin family

  • nicola cooper
    This is supposed to be about Business Process Modelling and all the paragraphs above are about DATA, except the Process Simulation which has always been a bit of a gimmick. I just want a basic version of the Casewise PROCESS modelling tool - is it not available any more? Seems a shame to acquire Casewise and then not make their flagship tool available. It is much more what I need than EA Agile which seems to be your only offering?

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