Open a Different Template File to Use with Forward Engineering

You can browse for and open a template file to use with Forward Engineering other than the default template file associated with your model and its target database. This is helpful if a template file has been modified for your specific modeling tasks and you need to use it for Forward Engineering.

To open a different template file for Forward Engineering

  1. Select Forward Engineer, Forward Engineering Templates from the Actions menu (in either a physical or logical/physical model).

    The Forward Engineer Schema Generation dialog opens. The default template file for your target database is indicated in the Database Template field.

  2. Click the Browse button to search for the template file you want to use for Forward Engineering.

    The Open dialog opens.

  3. Select the template file to use and click Open.

    The Open dialog closes and the path of the selected template file displays in the Database Template field. You can continue with the Forward Engineering process or make changes to the template file using the Template Editor.

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