Forward Engineering Template Files

All of the database-specific options that are supported for a target server are summarized in a forward engineering template file (*.fet) installed with the product. These template files are used when you generate a schema using the Forward Engineering and Alter Script dialogs. Although it not necessary to change the default template files, you can work with features in the Template Editor to review template code, add or remove macros, review expanded text for the template code, print template code, and create custom templates.

A default template file is provided for each target database. These template files are installed to a default location, typically \Program Files (x86)\erwin\Data Modeler\[rn]\Templates. You can edit and rename the template files to customize the available schema generation options in the Forward Engineer and Alter Script dialogs.

You can provide access to as many custom template files as you need. To apply a custom template file, you browse for and select the custom template file using the options in the Forward Engineer and Alter Script dialogs.

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