Understand Licensing

erwin offers the following license types based on the erwin Data Modeler (DM) editions:

  • Standard
  • Workgroup
  • Navigator
  • API
  • Trial
  • Evaluation (15 days)
  • Academic (365 days)
  • Industry Reviewer (60 days, full-featured)
  • Partner (365 days, full-featured)

Further, each edition-based license can belong to either of the following licensing models:


This licensing model is based on a pool of licenses shared between several users. Simultaneous access to the DM is available to as many users as the number of allowed users on a concurrent license. For example, if you have a ten-user concurrent license, ten users can access the DM at a time using the license. Therefore, if an 11th user tries to use the DM, access is denied.


This licensing mechanism uses your device ID to let you use the license and grant access to the DM. Such licenses cannot be shared between users on different devices unless a user returns the license. However, there is a restriction on the number of times you can return a node-locked license. If you are unable to return your license, submit a request to erwin Support.

Next, both the above licensing models let you activate licenses using either of the following mechanisms:


This method connects to the licensing service over the Internet. The licensing service then validates and activates the license code that you entered.


This method uses a multi-step activation process as follows:

  1. User generates an activation certificate and sends it to the license administrator.
  2. License administrator generates a license certificate and sends it to the user.
  3. User imports the license certificate to activate the license code.

Each license comes with a maintenance period. Along with product, a year of support is included. Any product updates that are released during the registered maintenance/support period are allowed. Once the maintenance/support period is over, you need to renew the maintenance plan to be able to receive updates and support. To keep a track of the maintenance period, erwin DM lets you set a maintenance expiration reminder.

Note: Your license administrator needs to ensure that the Maintenance End Date is set. Else, your license will fail.

Usage restriction based on network domain name or subnet IP can be implemented for each type of licenses.