View or Return a License

In erwin Data Modeler (DM), when you click Help > Licensing, the Licensing dialog box appears. It displays information about your license, such as License Code, Edition, License Type, Activation Type, and so on. Apart from this information, based on your license activation mechanism, this dialog box lets you return or deactivate your license, and set an expiry reminder.

Returning or Deactivating a License

To return an online or a long-term checkout license before it expires, on the Licensing dialog box,

  1. Start erwin DM.
  2. From the menu bar, click Help > Licensing.

    The Licensing dialog box appears, which displays all the information about your license. The availability of information, fields, and buttons depend on your license type.

  3. Click Return under the appropriate category.

For concurrent licenses that you activated online, you need not follow the above process explicitly to return the license. A concurrent license is returned every time you close erwin DM.

Deactivating an offline license is similar to performing an offline activation. After clicking the Deactivation button, do the following:

  1. On the Offline Deactivation dialog box, click Generate to get a Deactivation Certificate.
  2. Copy and send the generated Deactivation Certificate to your license administrator.
  3. Click OK on the displayed dialog box.
  4. Click OK.

    Your license will be deactivated.

Note: If you have any unsaved work in erwin DM and if a license expires or is returned before it expires, erwin DM lets you save your work before it is closed. Once you save your work, erwin DM is closed. You can recover your work later, when you have a license.

To know about the license types and activation mechanisms available, refer to the Understand Licensing topic.

Setting the Expiry Reminder

The default reminder time frames for both, subscription expiry and maintenance end date, is 20 days. If your license is maintenance period or subscription-based, you can set the reminder time frame as required.

Suppressing the erwin Data Modeler Licensing Dialog

When you set the erwin Data Modeler Licensing dialog from showing every time you start erwin DM, the Suppress the Licensing Dialog check box on the Licensing dialog is selected. Use this check box to revert this setting.

Note: The Suppress the Licensing Dialog check box is disabled if you have not selected the Do not show this dialog again check box on the erwin Data Modeler Licensing dialog.