Connect to erwin DM NoSQL

If you are using erwin® Data Modeler Workgroup Edition, you can connect to erwin DM NoSQL to model and manage your unstructured cloud data.

To connect, follow these steps:

  1. On the ribbon, under Tools > DM NoSQL group, click Connection ().

    The Connect to erwin DM NoSQL dialog opens. It displays your recent connection information in the Recent Connections section.

    The following fields are set by default:

    Server Name

    Defines the name of the web server. It is set to

  2. Complete the following fields:

    Specifies the port number to access the web server. The default port number used implicitly is 443.

    User Name

    Defines the name of the user that has access to erwin DM NoSQL.


    Defines the password of the user.

  3. Click Connect.

    Once the connection is successful, the Send Data to erwin DM NoSQL option is enabled and you can transfer your model to erwin DM NoSQL cloud.