Dimensional Modeling

The ability to produce reports on data source mapping is added to Report Designer in erwin® Data Modeler Release 9.5.2. In the data warehouse environment, it is important to track the following information:

  • Source of the data.
  • The method by which the source data is extracted and cleansed before it is imported into the data warehouse.
  • The frequency and timing of data warehouse updates.

You may have a data warehouse that combines information from several online transaction processing (OLTP) systems and archived data into a single decision support system. Your data may also come from relational and non-relational sources. To support regular updates and data quality checks, you must know the source for each column in your data warehouse. You must also know when and how the data is updated. You can document all of this information using erwin® Data Modeler. This information can also be produced as reports in various formats using Report Designer.