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erwin Cloud Catalyst

Automate the migration of data assets to the cloud and govern them throughout their lifecycle

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Cloud-based computing supports IT modernization and digital transformation efforts, so organizations can develop new applications more quickly and/or support existing ones more cost-effectively.

But migrating enterprise data to the cloud is only half the story – once there, it has to be governed. That means your cloud data assets must be available for use by the right people for the right purposes to maximize their security, quality and value.

Only erwin provides a suite of software and services to automate cloud migration and data governance – from the reverse-engineering and transformation of legacy systems and ETL/ELT code to bulk moving data to cataloging and auto generating lineage.

erwin Cloud Catalyst is powered by erwin Data Modeler, erwin Data Intelligence and erwin Smart Data Connectors. These award-winning solutions work in tandem to automatically find, model, ingest, catalog and govern cloud data assets.

But first, we start with an assessment of your cloud migration strategy to determine what automation and optimization opportunities exist. Then we deliver an automation roadmap and design the appropriate smart data connectors to help your IT services team transform and migrate your data.


So let's get started!

Why erwin for Cloud Migration & Data Governance?

No one likes moving. But if you’re going to move from legacy, on-premise data stores and warehouse systems to the cloud, do it right the first time. With erwin Cloud Catalyst, you can ensure your organization’s cloud-based data initiatives benefit from:

  • Support for popular cloud data platforms, such as Snowflake, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
  • Automation to document and move data structures automatically with repeatable, scalable and auditable processes
  • Reduced risk and greater accuracy to ensure compliance with a 1:1 migration of all legacy assets into the future-state cloud environment
  • Greater agility to respond more quickly to changing organizational requirements and technological innovations
  • Rigorous data governance with an automated process to harvest metadata and lineage from technical assets, ETL/ELT and BI processes for synchronization with production environments
  • Automatic discovery and tagging of sensitive data elements, such as PII, to ensure compliance adherence
  • End-to-end data lineage to document your data’s journey with detailed lineage, down to the table and column levels
  • Lower costs and fewer errors, with reduced migration time by more than 50%, while instituting full data governance

Automate Cloud Migration and Data Governance

Let us assess your cloud migration strategy and give your IT services team the enablement tools to migrate your data to the cloud. Then we'll help with detailed metadata management with full data governance, lineage and impact analysis.

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