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Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Modeling Software

Greater visibility, control and actionable intelligence for IT and business stakeholders to guide digital transformation initiatives

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erwin Evolve is a full-featured, configurable set of enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis tools that turn artifacts into insights and opportunities into realities.

Whether you’re documenting systems and technology, designing processes and critical value streams, or managing innovation and change, erwin Evolve will help your organization become more agile, adaptive and intelligent in taming complexity and increasing operational efficiency. Its unique advantages include:

  • Integrated, web-based modeling and diagramming easy for both technical and business stakeholders to use
  • High-performance, scalable and centralized repository supporting thousands of global users
  • Configurable metamodel, frameworks and interface for an integrated, single source of truth with different views for different stakeholders based on their roles and information needs
  • User-friendly visualizations, dashboards and diagrams to view mission-critical data in the central repository
  • Synchronization of data with other enterprise applications and third-party tools

erwin Evolve is also part of the larger erwin EDGE platform with data modeling and data governance software, including data catalog and data literacy capabilities. With data-driven intelligence, everyone has the information they need to make smart decisions.


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A Proven Record of Success

erwin supports thousands of users with large-scale deployments across the globe. Our EA and BP software and services enable analysis and collaboration for insights that drive the right outcomes.

“[erwin] has a good understanding of the EA tool market and, in particular, the importance of starting with business architecture. It understands the need for EA tools to support collaboration and use by non-EA users. Its EA targets large enterprises in highly regulated industries with complex data and processes, such as financial services and healthcare.”

Enterprise Architecture Magic Quadrant

October 2019

“We continue to work with erwin and appreciate their willingness to respond to industry and customer needs, especially in developing features that will help address the ever-changing risk and regulatory environment. … erwin [Evolve] allows us to scale to and support tens of thousands of processes enabling employees to carry out their responsibilities with greater efficiency and accuracy.”

Andi McCann

Lead Design

“erwin [Evolve] specializes in highly regulated environments, where data drives operations and is critical to organizational success. The solution offers extensive governance and audit trails to ensure that all EA activities are tracked and comply with organizational regulations. The solution is tied together with a central repository, allowing enterprise architects to plan and manage business and IT change in a controlled manner.”

“Ovum Market Radar: Enterprise Architecture”

August 2019

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