Past Event

erwin Data Intelligence: Telling the Story with Your Data

May 29, 2019
1:00 PM EDT

Know what data you have, where it is, where it’s been and how it transformed along the way, plus understand sensitivities and risks. With an automated, real-time, high-quality data pipeline, enterprise stakeholders can base strategic decisions on a full inventory of reliable information.

Join us for a discussion on how to develop an automated, metadata-driven framework for:

  • Discovering data: Identify and integrate metadata from various data management silos.
  • Harvesting data: Automate the collection of metadata from various data management silos and consolidate it into a single source.
  • Structuring and deploying data sources: Connect physical metadata to specific business terms and definitions and reusable design standards.
  • Analyzing metadata: Understand how data relates to the business and what attributes it has.
  • Mapping data flows: Identify where to integrate data and track how it moves and transforms.
  • Governing data: Develop a governance model to manage standards and policies and set best practices.
  • Socializing data: Enable stakeholders to see data in one place and in the context of their roles.

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About your speaker:

Sam BenedictVP - Solution Strategy

Sam Benedict serves as Vice President - Solution Strategy at erwin. He is responsible for helping our clients and partners understand the value of erwin’s EDGE Platform, aligning their needs with the many features and functions to solve problems and create sustainable data governance programs.

With more than 25 years in technology, Sam is a strategic planner around enterprise data management, data governance and system development lifecycle improvement. Sam has worked in the telecommunications, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, globally, and understands the challenges faced by IT resources, as well as business stakeholders in the information management space.

Sam holds an MBA/Technology Management degree and has been a speaker at Data Governance and Technology conferences worldwide.
Outside the office he enjoys building custom cars and motorcycles, college football, and spending time with his wife and two grown sons.