Salesforce Data Modeling with erwin – It Might Be in the Cloud, but Yes You Can!

August 23, 2017
11:00 AM EDT

If your organization is one of the thousands which now rely on Salesforce for CRM you are probably aware that it is easy to expand and customize the underlying data model to meet your specific business requirements.

You may even have used the Force development environment to build your own mission critical applications using traditional or Agile development methods.

This growing reliance on Salesforce for your business processes means that you may be facing many of the same data management challenges faced by traditional software environments as its footprint expands. These include incorporating Salesforce into your data governance and quality, reporting and analytics, integration or master data initiatives.

This webinar will highlight some of these challenges and demonstrate how erwin, using the erwin Safyr option for SFDC to access Salesforce metadata, can be used to understand and exploit the Salesforce data model. It will illustrate how Salesforce metadata can be shared with a wider audience, and used to rapidly replicate Salesforce data structures in ‘on-premise’ databases such as SQL Server.

Join Nick Porter, Technical Director at Silwood Technology and both Andrew McGovern and Andreza Silviera from erwin technical pre-sales for our latest TechTalk webinar event.