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erwin Teams Up with RSA® Archer® for Integrated Risk Management

Interoperability of the erwin EDGE with RSA Archer strengthens enterprise risk management capabilities

Melville, N.Y. – February 20, 2019erwin, the data governance company, today announced that it is an official technology partner of RSA and interoperable with RSA Archer for integrated risk management. The interoperability of the erwin EDGE Platform with RSA Archer provides a powerful framework to map and trace identified risks to enterprise artifacts modeled within an organization’s enterprise architecture.

RSA Archer  provides a common foundation for managing policies, controls, risks, assessments and deficiencies across an organization’s lines of business. The solution enables users to move content from a business process catalog with the erwin EDGE to RSA Archer.

“Being part of the RSA Ready Technology Partner Program strengthens our platform’s ability to help customers more clearly identify operational risks,” said Marjorie Martinez, Vice President of Technology Alliances for erwin. “Most organizations have a data dilemma – the don’t know exactly what data they have or even where some of it is. Data governance helps organizations answer these questions and enables an organization to manage and mitigate data risks, protecting itself from legal, financial and reputational issues to ensure continued operation.”

By bringing together enterprise architecturebusiness processdata mapping and data modeling, erwin’s approach to data governance enables organizations to get a handle on how they handle their data and realize its maximum value. With the broadest set of metadata connectors and automated code generation, data mapping and cataloging tools, the erwin EDGE Platform simplifies the total data management and data governance lifecycle.

This single, integrated solution makes it possible to gather business intelligence, conduct IT audits, ensure regulatory compliance and accomplish any other organizational objective by fueling an automated, high-quality and real-time data pipeline. And, erwin Data Transformation provides a way to identify other data sources, such as RSA Archer, and map and integrate to them.

 “The RSA Archer Suite for integrated risk management provides a single, configurable, integrated platform for managing multiple dimensions of risk and driving accountability across internal functions and extended third-party ecosystem,” said Matt Crawley, Senior Manager of Technology Alliances for RSA.  “Leveraging proven best practices, organizations can design and adapt their risk strategy as their organization embraces new digital technology and process innovation. Working with partners like erwin, we’re helping customers manage multiple dimensions of risk.

The integration of the erwin EDGE Platform with RSA Archer enables organizations to:

  • See and share a consistent and up-to-date overview of current products, processes, applications, and infrastructure, including all related organizational risk and security aspects
  • Align risk management with enterprise architecture and business process modeling tools for clear insight into enterprise risks, such as those related to introducing new products, outsourcing business processes or IT systems, or assimilating another organization after a merger
  • Leverage enterprise architecture data for insights into critical relationships and dependencies to avoid or mitigate potential risks

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