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erwin Smart Data Connectors

Accelerate project delivery and sustain data governance with metadata-driven automation for data integration, transformation and regulatory compliance

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What Are erwin Smart Data Connectors?

erwin Smart Data Connectors are optional, customized software solutions that automatically scan, integrate and activate metadata within erwin Data Catalog (erwin DC), part of the erwin Data Intelligence Suite. Engineered and maintained by erwin – not third parties – they connect a wide array of data sources, including ELT/ETL platforms, business intelligence reports, database procedural code, testing automation tools, ecosystem utilities and ERP environments, to our data catalog. erwin Smart Data Connectors are developed for seamless integration into your specific data architecture and supporting IT infrastructure to automate complex, costly and time-consuming processes normally associated with metadata management, data governance and data intelligence.

Benefits of erwin Smart Data Connectors

Greater agility, accuracy and faster time to value – these are the gifts of automatically harvesting, transforming and feeding metadata from virtually any source to any target in a single data catalog. Standard data connectors for JDBC-compliant data sources are included with an initial license of erwin DC. However, metadata-driven automation for more complex systems and environments must be custom-engineered as optional add-ons to erwin DC. The advantages of our smart data connectors for data automation are:

Metadata Harvesting

Harvest metadata from various data management silos and consolidate it into a single source.

Data Vault Automation

Build and populate Data Vaults and other complex long-term data storage environments, such as traditional data warehouses, marts and lakes.

End-to-End Data Lineage

Quickly render graphical source-to-target lineage for a detailed view of data in motion, including transformation logic.

Faster Data Migration & ETL Conversion Projects

Increase the speed of data migration and ETL conversion projects by forward- and reverse-engineering the associated re-platforming processes.

Universal Code Generation

Accelerate the development and maintenance of data movement code by forward-engineering mapping documents into platform-specific code.

Efficient Business Intelligence

Make data analysts more productive in analyzing BI reports, document dashboards and mappings generated by linking reporting fields to the underlying data sources.

Data Mapping

Easily develop and maintain versioned mapping documents with sources, targets and transformation logic by reverse-engineering ETL/ELT, database procedural code and scripting languages.

Harmonized Data Management
& Governance

Synchronize and harmonize data management and governance processes with third-party tools at the API level, reducing ongoing maintenance.

What’s Really Different About erwin’s Approach to Metadata-Driven Automation?

Software, Not Services

Automate data operations with software suited to your needs. Forget expensive, outsourced professional services.

Productivity Gains & Cost Reductions

Achieve productivity gains of 85+% for coding, 70+% for metadata discovery, up to 50% for data design, up to 70% for data conversion, and up to 80% for data mapping.

erwin-Engineered & Maintained

Rest assured that this technology is not licensed from third parties; our smart data connectors are 100-percent developed and maintained by erwin.

Modern Data Catalog

Power a centralized, integrated data catalog complete with metadata mapping, SDLC management and version control.

Widest Connectivity

Depict metadata for both data at rest and data in motion for visibility across the metadata landscape thanks to the broadest range of metadata connectors.

Optimized Data Pipeline
& Infrastructure

Seamlessly operationalize and govern your organization’s data pipeline to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Schedulable & Configurable

Activate metadata incrementally or completely with granular version control and full traceability.

List of erwin Smart Data Connectors

Metadata Connectors Smart AVRO
Smart Azure Data Lake (Gen 1 / Gen 2)
Smart Cobol Copybooks
Smart Gzip
Smart Kafka Topics
Smart ORC
Smart Parquet
Smart S3 Scanner
Smart Snappy
ETL Platform Connectors Smart AWS Glue
Smart Azure Data Factory
Smart Data Bricks
Smart Denodo
Smart IBM DataStage
Smart Informatica PowerCenter
Smart Matillion
Smart Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
Smart Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
Smart Oracle Data Integrator
Smart Oracle Warehouse Builder
Smart Pentaho Data Integrator
Smart Qlik Replicate
Smart SAP Data Services
Smart SAP HANA Calculated Views
Smart SAS Data Integrator
Smart Snaplogic
Smart Talend
ELT Platform Connectors Smart Aurora SQL
Smart Azure Synapse SQL
Smart Microsoft SQL Analytics Platform System
Smart Microsoft SQL Server TSQL
Smart Oracle PL/SQL
Smart PowerShell Scripts
Smart Redshift SQL
Smart Snowflake SQL
Smart Sybase SQL
Smart Teradata SQL
BI Report Connectors Smart Cognos
Smart Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
Smart MicroStrategy
Smart Oracle OBIEE
Smart Power BI
Smart Pyramid Analytics
Smart QlikView
Smart QlikSense
Smart SAP Business Objects
Smart Tableau
Smart Web Focus
Programming Language Smart Java
Smart PySpark
Smart Python
Testing Automation Connectors Smart Data Aggregation Comparitor
Smart Data Comparitor
Smart Metadata Comparitor
Ecosystem Connectors Smart Apache Atlas
Smart AWS Glue Catalog
Smart Azure Data Catalog
Smart GIT Hub
Smart Google Big Query Catalog
Smart IBM Information Governance Center
Smart Jira
Smart Mulesoft
Methodology Smart Data Vault (Package of Smart Connectors)

If you believe you need a smart data connector you don’t see above, please contact erwin or your erwin partner representative.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could automate complex, expensive and time-consuming data management and governance processes? You can thanks to the erwin Data Intelligence Suite and the smart data connectors developed and maintained for your environment.

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