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Who Is erwin?

There’s more to our company than you may think

Data is everywhere. So every day, industry and government are challenged to ride this massive data tidal wave. Organizations have to manage both the massive risks and opportunities that come with high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that power their processes, technologies and ultimately their people.

About erwin

At erwin, data is our business. We invented data modeling and have been working with global enterprises and government agencies to deploy their complex data sources for more than 30 years. Seeing their challenges with data proliferation and increasing regulatory pressures, we decided to expand our technology portfolio to include enterprise architecture, business process modeling and data governance. After all, data is an asset that underpins every application and process and therefore must be inventoried, cataloged, protected and made accessible in the right context, so the right employees can act on it in the right ways. As the data governance company, erwin provides enterprise modeling and data intelligence software to help customers discover, understand, govern and socialize their data to mitigate risks and realize results.

The erwin Evolution from Data Modeling to Data Governance

For more than 30 years, erwin Data Modeler (DM) has been the first choice of CDOs, CIOs, data architects and other IT professionals. Government agencies and the most discerning global brands in financial services, healthcare, critical infrastructure, manufacturing and retail have depended on us to power their mission-critical applications. But we’ve evolved. Our proven track record and the opportunity to become a preeminent player in the data space led Parallax Capital Partners to purchase erwin and establish it as a private, stand-alone company in March 2016. Since then, we’ve acquired enterprise architecture company Corso, business process modeling/management company Casewise, data harvesting technology and data governance consulting services company A&P Consulting, and metadata management and data governance company AnalytiX DS.

These acquisitions, along with significant R&D, have culminated in an automated platform that integrates enterprise modeling with data governance and intelligence capabilities powered by active metadata.

Getting the Hard Stuff Right

While the idea of data governance is not new, putting it into practice and reaping its benefits as a strategic initiative is still a burgeoning concept for many enterprises. Our research indicates organizations view data governance as either important or critically important from a business perspective and regulatory compliance is a top driver. But governing data assets goes far beyond risk management and compliance. It drives better decision-making on pretty much everything, which in turn impacts customer satisfaction and trust, reputation management, the development of new products and services, digital transformation, etc.

Today, we’re all data people regardless of job title. Industry analyst David Loshin talks about the “citizen analyst” who must be able to survey the data landscape to collect, collate and publish critical information. The challenge is getting our hands on accurate, relevant data and then wrapping our minds around it so we can do something productive with it.

That’s why erwin takes a metadata-driven approach to delivering an enterprise data governance experience that facilitates collaboration between IT and the business to discover, understand, govern and socialize any data from anywhere, whether at rest or in motion. The erwin EDGE software platform helps organizations unlock their potential by maximizing the security, quality and value of their data assets. And it operationalizes these steps by connecting enterprise architecture, business process and data modeling with data intelligence software.

The result is an automated, real-time, high-quality data pipeline from which accurate insights can be derived. Then all stakeholders - those in IT as well as the larger enterprise - can collaborate to make better decisions based on data truth – not just gut instinct. 

erwin Honors & Awards

We take a lot of pride in what we do and appreciate that our efforts have been recognized by our customers, as evidenced by our high NPS, in addition to honors and awards from numerous industry analysts and publications.

Let us guide you and your organization in connecting all the data dots for real and fast returns. There’s no time to waste when it comes to risk management, competitive differentiation and operational excellence. So let’s get started.

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