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Automated metadata-driven data mapping
and code generation

Automated data discovery.
Automated data cataloging.
Automated data lineage.

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Our Capabilities

Data Governance

Expand data governance beyond traditional IT roles to ensure all organizational stakeholders can discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets to reduce risks and realize other organizational objectives.

Business Process Modeling

Tame the complexity of your organization and make decisions based on a central source of facts with models of processes, system interactions and hierarchies to ensure elements are aligned and core operations optimized.

Enterprise Architecture Modeling

Align IT with the business to better plan, manage and govern change with greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness by mapping apps and the associated technologies and data to the functions they enable.

Data Modeling

Increase the use, understanding and trust of data across the organization with a unified view of any data from anywhere for consistency, clarity and artifact reuse across large-scale data initiatives.

Data Mapping

Build and maintain business intelligence/analytics platforms by mapping data elements to their sources for data lineage, understanding how data moves and transforms throughout the organization.


erwin Named an IDC Innovator for Data Intelligence Software Platforms

erwin has been named an IDC Innovator by analyst firm IDC in a new report on companies that are disrupting the data integration and integrity software market.
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erwin Mapping Manager Demo

Join one of our weekly demos and see how much time erwin Mapping Manager can save you when it comes to data discovery/preparation. 
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Digital Transformation Examples: How Data is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

The rate at which organizations have adopted data-driven strategies means there are a wealth of digital transformation examples for organizations to draw from. By now, you probably recognize this recurring pattern in the discussions about digital transformation: An industry set in its ways slowly moves toward using information technology to create efficiencies, automate processes or...
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