erwin DM NoSQL

This release of our market-leading Data Modeler provides native, relational support for MongoDB, the world’s fastest-growing NoSQL database platform.

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Leading companies have realized the value of data, harnessing it to create new business models, disrupt markets, and change the way customers think and behave.

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Our Capabilities

Data Modeling

Create a unified view of any data from anywhere to increase its use, understanding and trust across the organization.


Visualize complex architecture assets through contextual models to plan, manage and govern change with greater ability and cost-effectiveness.

Business Process Modeling

Tame the complexity of your organization, create alignment and achieve objectives by documenting, improving, harmonizing and/or eliminating business processes.

Data Governance

Implement and manage business rules and controls across a broad array of architectures through model-driven, active data governance.


Share high-quality models and metadata with technical and business stakeholders, plus integrate other data management products.

Latest News

Data Modeling, NoSQL, and MongoDB

October 11, 2017

The new addition to the basic erwin Data Management base offers relational data modeling for MongoDB.

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Building the Data-Driven Enterprise Webinar

October 24, 2017 - North America at 11:00 AM EST

We’re going to explore how data transforms everything – from satisfying current customers to inventing new products and services to improving processes.

Expert Blog

Digital Trust: Earning It and Keeping It with Data Governance

October 19, 2017

Digital trust can make or break a brand. Amazon understood this concept early on. When the company first launched as an online bookseller in 1994, consumer confidence in online shopping was low, to say the least. Exclusively competing with local bookstores, Amazon and many e-tailers throughout the 90s and early 2000s had to work to...