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Expand data governance beyond IT for greater visibility, control and value across the enterprise.

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Everyone should be invested in and accountable for data use. Make data governance an enterprise initiative and produce more value – from regulatory compliance to topline revenue.

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Our Capabilities

Data Governance

Expand data governance beyond IT to ensure all stakeholders discover, understand, govern and socialize data to reduce risks and realize business goals.

Data Modeling

Create a unified view of any data from anywhere to increase its use, understanding and trust across the organization.


Visualize complex architecture assets through contextual models to plan, manage and govern change with greater ability and cost-effectiveness.

Business Process Modeling

Tame the complexity of your organization, create alignment and achieve objectives by documenting, improving, harmonizing and/or eliminating business processes.


Share high-quality models and metadata with technical and business stakeholders, plus integrate other data management products.

Latest News

erwin Unveils New Data Governance Software

November 14, 2017

Persona-based solution expands data governance beyond IT; features context-driven Data Impact Analysis to proactively analyze data changes to reduce risk.

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Introducing erwin DG – Because Data Governance Is Everyone’s Business

November 20, 2017 - North America at 11:00 AM EST

Join us as we unveil erwin DG – the market’s only data governance application designed to expand data governance beyond IT and traditional data stewards for greater visibility, control and value across the enterprise.

Expert Blog

Data Governance 2.0: Collaborative Data Governance

November 16, 2017

Data Governance 1.0 has been too isolated to be truly effective, and so a new, collaborative data governance approach is necessary. This rings especially true when considering the imminent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Compliance is required from all EU-based companies and those trading with the EU. It’s extremely likely that your...