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No more wasted time on manual data preparation, integration and movement projects.

Automated data harvesting
Automated data mapping
Automated code generation
Automated data lineage

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Our Capabilities

Business Process Modeling

Determine, map and analyze workflows for process improvements and workforce empowerment.

Enterprise Architecture Modeling

Define application and infrastructure capabilities, interdependencies and their connections to enterprise strategies and goals.

Data Modeling

Design and deploy new and hybrid data structures and resources with a clear view of any data from anywhere.

Data Cataloging

Efficiently integrate and activate enterprise data from a single, unified catalog according to business requirements.

Data Literacy

Enable stakeholders to view data relevant to their roles and understand it within a business context.


erwin and Avydium Announce Partnership to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

erwin has now partnered with enterprise information management software provider Avydium to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation efforts.
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erwin Data Intelligence: Telling the Story with Your Data

Join erwin's Sam Benedict and discover how to tell the story of your data: what it is, where it's been, and how it's transformed, as well as sensitivities and risks.
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The Relevance of Agile Enterprise Architecture to DevOps

How do organizations innovate? Taking an idea from concept to delivery requires strategic planning and the ability to execute. In the case of software development, understanding agile enterprise architecture and its relevance to DevOps is also key. DevOps, the fusion of software development and IT operations, stems from the agile development movement. In more practical...
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