erwin Data Governance

Discover, understand, govern and socialize enterprise data to mitigate risks and realize results

The hallmark of the intelligent enterprise is IT and business collaboration, where data governance is everyone’s business. It’s the driving force for compliance, innovation and transformation in our modern, digital world.

Data governance is an evolving concept and market; it means different things to different people. From erwin’s perspective, data governance isn’t just an IT role because we’re all “data people.” And we have to be able to discover all our data, track its physical existence and lineage, understand what it means within a business context, and maximize its security, quality and value.

As the data governance company, we provide enterprise modeling, data cataloging and data literacy software that make all of the above possible – and fast. Because today when it comes to risk management, competitive differentiation and operational excellence, there’s no time to waste.

erwin has always been the most trusted name in data modeling, and we applied this expertise to business process and enterprise architecture modeling to break down organizational and technical silos for collaboration across these key data and business architectures. By unifying them and their associated technologies, organizations can see and then unlock more of their potential.

With data governance capabilities at the heart of our software platform, IT and the rest of the enterprise are able to discover, understand, govern and socialize mission-critical information. The broadest set of metadata connectors and automated data mapping, code generation and cataloging tools combine data management and governance processes in an automated flow – from harvesting to aggregation and integration, including transformation, with complete upstream and downstream lineage.

So the erwin EDGE platform creates an “enterprise data governance experience,” giving organizations visibility and control over their disparate architectures and all the supporting data. Both IT and business stakeholders have role-based, self-service access to the information they need to collaborate in making strategic decisions. And because many of the associated processes can be automated, you reduce errors and increase the speed and quality of your data pipeline. This data intelligence unlocks knowledge and value.

After all, data is an asset – “the new oil” that fuels:

Operational Efficiency

Revenue Growth

Compliance, Privacy & Security

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Improved Decision-Making

Make data governance part of your culture, so you know what you need to know to produce results while avoiding data-related risks. Being able to harvest and catalog your data is the first step.