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erwin Evolve

Full-featured enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis software

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What Is erwin Evolve?

erwin Evolve is a full-featured, configurable set of enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis tools. Map IT capabilities to the business functions they support and determine how people, processes, data, technologies and applications interact to ensure alignment in achieving enterprise objectives. Such initiatives may include digital transformation, cloud migration, portfolio and infrastructure rationalization, regulatory compliance and innovation management.

Benefits of erwin Evolve Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Modeling Tools

Enterprise architecture and business process modeling disciplines rely heavily on each other and share many of the same information visualization, documentation and analysis needs. erwin Evolve is a single yet powerful software suite serving both EA and BP use cases. Use erwin Evolve to effectively tame complexity, manage change and increase operational efficiency. Its many benefits include:

Creation & Visualization
of Complex Models

Harmonize EA/BP modeling capabilities for greater visibility, control and intelligence in managing any use case.

Powerful Analysis

Quickly and easily explore model elements, links and dependencies, plus identify and understand the impact of changes.

Documentation & Knowledge Retention

Capture, document and publish information for key business functions to increase employee education and awareness and maintain institutional knowledge, including standard operating procedures.

Democratization & Decision-Making

Break down organizational silos and facilitate enterprise collaboration among those both in IT and business roles for more informed decisions that drive successful outcomes.

Agility & Efficiency

Achieve faster time to actionable insights and value with integrated views across initiatives to understand and focus on business outcomes.

Lower Risks & Costs

Improve performance and profitability with harmonized, optimized and visible processes to enhance training and lower IT costs.

Why erwin for Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Modeling?

erwin has a proven track record supporting enterprise architecture and business process modeling initiatives in large, global enterprises in highly regulated environments, such as critical infrastructure, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Whether documenting systems and technology, designing processes and critical value streams, or managing innovation and change, erwin Evolve will help you to turn your EA and BP artifacts into insights for better decisions. Its unique advantages are:

Integrated, Web-Based Modeling
& Diagramming

Harmonize EA/BP capabilities with a robust, flexible and web-based modeling and diagramming interface easy for all stakeholders to use.

High-Performance, Scalable &
Centralized Repository

Access content with integrated views in a central, enterprise-strength repository capable of supporting thousands of global users via on-premise or cloud deployment.

Configurable Platform
with Role-Based Views

Configure the metamodel, frameworks and user interface for an integrated, single source of truth with different views for different stakeholders based on their roles and information needs.

Visualizations & Dashboards

View mission-critical data in the central repository in the form of user-friendly visualizations, dashboards and diagrams for real-time insights.

Third-Party Integrations

Synchronize data with enterprise applications, such as CAST, Cloud Health, RSA Archer, ServiceNow and Zendesk.

Professional Services

Tap into the knowledge of our veteran EA and BP consultants to help with customizations and integrations, including support for ArchiMate.

erwin Evolve: Part of the erwin EDGE Ecosystem

In addition to the external tools mentioned above, erwin Evolve also integrates with erwin’s data modeling and data intelligence software. With these unified capabilities, the erwin EDGE enables every enterprise stakeholder – enterprise architect, business analyst, developer, chief data officer, risk manager, and CEO – to discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets to realize greater value while mitigating data-related risks. Data makes the world go round, which makes it everyone’s business, not just IT. So ensuring it’s integrated, activated and well-governed is the smart way to approach risk management/regulatory compliance, agile innovation and business transformation.

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