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erwin Data Catalog

Automated metadata harvesting, data catalog, code generation and data lineage software

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What Is erwin Data Catalog?

erwin Data Catalog (erwin DC) is metadata management software that helps organizations learn what data they have and where it’s located, including data at rest and in motion. It tells you the data and metadata available for a certain topic so those particular sources and assets can be found quickly for analysis and decision-making. erwin DC automates the processes involved in harvesting, integrating, activating and governing enterprise data according to business requirements. This automation results in greater accuracy and faster time to value for data governance and digital transformation efforts, including data warehouse, data lake, Data Vault and other Big Data deployments, cloud migrations, etc.

Benefits of erwin’s Data Catalog Tool

Metadata management is key to sustainable data governance and any other organizational effort for which data is key to the outcome. These days, that’s pretty much everything, right? So don’t rely on traditional metadata repositories when you can curate enterprise data assets in a modern data catalog. erwin DC automates enterprise metadata management, data mapping, data cataloging, code generation, data profiling and data lineage. Its primary benefits are:

Centralized Data Governance Framework

Efficiently integrate and activate your data in a single, unified data catalog in line with data policies and procedures.

Sound Decisions

Base day-to-day and/or larger strategic decisions on a complete inventory of accurate, real-time, high-quality information.

Metadata-Driven Approach

Scan, catalog and sync metadata with data management and governance artifacts in real time to see the entire metadata landscape.

Accelerated Project Delivery

Reduce the amount of time, money and errors associated with traditional manual data preparation, data deployment and data governance.

Increased Data Quality

Have confidence in data assets and the underlying metadata used to power the modern enterprise and its success.

Regulatory Compliance

Support IT audits and regulatory compliance by governing enterprise data infrastructure and processes.

Accurate Analytics & Analysis

With a living metadata management platform, you’ll have reliable data analytics and can make better determinations about changes and improvements.

Why Trust erwin with Your Enterprise Data Catalog?

erwin knows data. After all, we invented data modeling more than three decades ago and have been working with the world’s largest brands to build their data capabilities ever since. Today we’re the only software provider to own every critical piece of the data management and governance lifecycle, so enterprises can understand and trust their data for faster speed to insights. And we support the widest range of metadata connectors so all data sources can be scanned and the metadata curated. erwin DC’s main features are:


Speed up data movement and transformation projects, code generation and documentation.

Data Profiling & Quality Scoring

Easily assess the contents and quality of registered datasets and associate these metrics with harvested metadata as part of ongoing data curation.

Metadata Harvesting

Schedule ongoing metadata scans from the widest array of sources, including reference data and code sets.

Sensitive Data Classification

Categorize sensitive data elements, complete with a sensitive-data dashboard, and drill down into this type of data across the enterprise.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Curate any metadata from anywhere with full versioning and change management, reducing expensive manual tasks and rework.

Reference Data Management

Centrally map and manage reference data code sets to ensure accuracy and quality across enterprise datastores and applications.

Drag-and-Drop Data Mapping

Use our drag-and-drop approach for easy source-to-target mappings to eliminate spreadsheets and the errors that come with them, reducing mapping time and costs by up to 80%.

Lifecycle Management

Manage and socialize the gathering of functional requirements, mapping design, testing and release management of data movement and transformation projects.

Universal Code Generation

Generate ETL/ELT, Data Vault and code for other data integration components with plug-in SDKs to accelerate project delivery and reduce rework.

Version Management & Change Control

Archive and baseline all mapping documentation and view change-comparison reports with built-in versioning and change control.

Upstream & Downstream Data Lineage

Generate end-to-end lineage, down to the column level, between repositories and view data flows from source systems to reporting layers, including intermediate transformation and business logic.

Data Literacy Integrations

Integrate a business glossary and self-service portal so any stakeholder can access and view relevant data assets within a business context via role-based views.

Impact Analysis

Instantly identify the impact of changes to business terms or physical data before you make them.

erwin Data Catalog: The First Step to Data Intelligence

erwin DC and erwin Data Literacy (erwin DL) comprise the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI) at the heart of the erwin EDGE. Used in tandem, these solutions provide all the features and benefits of erwin DC plus the business glossary management and data discovery tools of erwin DL. When enterprise data assets are available to both IT and business users, they can perform the necessary analysis to derive insights that lead to smart decisions. From ETL developer to data analyst to CEO, everyone needs data to their jobs effectively. And with additional integrations to erwin’s data modeling and enterprise architecture and business processing modeling software, organizations will be able to see how data flows through and impacts all their business, technology and data architectures.

Using erwin DC is the only way to know what data you have, where it is, and how to begin unlocking its potential. Don’t wait any longer to answer these fundamental questions, and speed up the processes to get these valuable insights.

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