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erwin Data Literacy

Business glossary management and self-service data discovery tools for IT and business users

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What Is erwin Data Literacy?

erwin Data Literacy (erwin DL) includes business glossary management and self-service data discovery tools. The software enables organizations to curate, associate and govern data assets so all stakeholders can find data relevant to their roles and understand it within a business context. erwin DL makes collaboration, analysis and decision-making easier within the same teams and across the enterprise up to the C-level. These days we’re all data people, so the creation of such data communities, especially for business users, promotes data literacy, fluency and knowledge. Used in tandem with erwin Data Catalog (erwin DC), erwin DL provides a clear picture of the organization’s data universe, including semantic, business and technical elements.

Benefits of erwin’s Data Literacy Software

Data access, literacy and knowledge leads to sound decision-making and that’s key to data governance and any other data-driven effort. erwin DL helps ensure data assets are used strategically and that users spend more time using it to improve operations and the bottom line, as opposed to searching for what they need and not being able to find it or synthesize it. Curated internal and external datasets for a range of content authors double business benefits and ensures effective management and monetization of data assets in the long-term if they are linked to broader data governance, data quality and metadata management initiatives. erwin DL's benefits are:

Data Visibility & Governance

Visualize and navigate any data from anywhere within a business-centric data asset framework that provides organizational alignment and robust, sustainable data governance.

Data Context & Enrichment

Put data in business context and enable stakeholders to share best practices and build communities by tagging/commenting on data assets, enriching the metadata.

Enterprise Collaboration
& Empowerment

Break down IT and business silos to provide broad access to approved organizational information.

Greater Productivity

Reduce the time it takes to find data assets and therefore reliance on technical resources, plus streamline workflows for faster analysis and decision-making.

Accountability & Regulatory
Peace of Mind

Create an integrated ecosystem of people, processes and technology to manage and protect data, mitigating a wide range of data-related risks and improving compliance.

Effective Change Management

Better manage change with the ability to identify data linkages, implications and impacts across the enterprise.

Data Literacy, Fluency & Knowledge

Enhance stakeholder discovery and understanding of and trust in data assets to underpin analysis leading to actionable insights.

Business User Socialization & Collaboration

Capture organizational data knowledge through community data asset ratings and business asset communication between business users, data owners and data stewards.

Why erwin for Data Literacy?

Data literacy is founded on enriched business glossaries and socializing data so all stakeholders can view and understand it within the context of their roles. erwin DL allows both IT and business users to discover the data available to them and understand what it means in common, standardized terms. erwin DL automates common data curation processes, such as name matching, categorization and association, to optimize governance of the data pipeline including preparation processes. With erwin DL, your organization can build glossaries of terms in taxonomies with descriptions, synonyms, acronyms and their associations to data policies, rules and other critical governance artifacts. Other unique advantages are:

Interactive Mind Mapping

View, drill down and filter data elements and their associations to physical, logical and data governance metadata.

Flexible Metamodel

Create different types of business assets and custom attributes for the full range of semantic associations between all business and technical asset types.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Identify, document and prioritize sensitive data elements, flagging information to accelerate compliance efforts and reduce data-related risks.

Configurable User Interface
& Role-Based Self-Service

Easily change views and make it easy to find and understand relevant data assets in context with self-service access and flexible search mechanisms.

Intelligent Data Lineage
& Impact Analysis

See and understand data’s journey across the enterprise with lineage maps, viewed column by column or field by field, and better manage change with real-time impact diagrams.

Data Catalog Integration

erwin DL integrates with erwin DC to automate the creation and maintenance of a detailed metadata landscape, so data literacy and governance initiatives are synchronized.

erwin Data Literacy: The Key to Data Governance & Intelligence

By combining our data literacy and data catalog software suites, you not only establish a robust and sustainable data governance framework but also increase enterprise data intelligence to make all employees who work with data more efficient, effective and collaborative. Even small changes in these areas can improve productivity, analytics and business outcomes, according to IDC. So with erwin DL and erwin DC combined as the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI), there’s greater enterprise awareness of and access to available data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure data policies and best practices are followed. The ability to discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets with erwin DI leads to faster analysis and meaningful insights to guide decisions.

Data literacy is fundamental to data governance, data quality and metadata management. Augment erwin’s data catalog capabilities with erwin DL to ensure both your IT and business stakeholders have data literacy and intelligence.

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