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White Papers

Data Modeling: Drive Business Value and Underpin Governance with an Enterprise Data Model

Designing and deploying new relational databases, application development, data integration, master data management, business intelligence/analytics and Big Data adoption, data governance and more. Data modeling is still hip, maybe more than ever as you’ll learn in this new white paper.
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Data Intelligence: Empowering the Citizen Analyst with Democratized Data

To be fully empowered, the citizen analyst must be able to survey the data landscape so critical information can be collected, collated and published for strategic decision-making. Such democratized data leads to data intelligence, insights that produce actions to keep customers happy, invent new products, generate more revenue, whatever the desired outcome is.
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Business Process Modeling: Tame Your Organization’s Complexity and Unleash Its Potential and Profits

You need a visual representation of what your business does and how it does it. With the help of business process modeling, your organization can visualize its processes and all the associated information, which in turn shines a light on areas of the business ripe for innovation, improvement or reorganization.
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IDC Data Intelligence Innovators Report 2019

Analyst firm IDC names erwin an IDC Innovator in this new report on companies that are disrupting the data integration and integrity software market.
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The Regulatory Rationale for Integrating Data Management & Data Governance

From GDPR to HIPAA to all the others in the alphabet soup of industry regulations, compliance is part of running — and staying in business. Learn how to ensure your organization is ready for whatever regulations come your way.
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Solving the Enterprise Data Dilemma

Do you know what data you have, where it is and how to wring all the possible value from it? By harmonizing your data management and data governance efforts, you can accelerate your time to data preparation, data visibility and data-driven insights. Then you’ll know how to get the results you need.
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Examining the Data Trinity: Governance, Security and Privacy

A strong data governance foundation underpins data security and privacy. Find out how to connect the dots across the data trinity – governance, security and privacy – and to act accordingly.
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Application Development Is New Again

Be positioned to deliver unique, real-time and responsive apps that will enhance your reputation among users and support a wealth of new business opportunities related to digital transformation.
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GDPR and Your Business: A Call to Enhance Data Governance Expertise

Moving data governance initiatives forward in a comprehensive and holistic manner is a must for achieving regulatory compliance, but DG is also the engine for raising the bar on customer satisfaction and better decision-making too.
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2018 State of Data Governance Report

The State of DG Report presents a cautionary tale about what enterprises need to do to advance their data governance agendas and includes some practical insights.
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