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White Papers

Examining the Data Trinity: Governance, Security and Privacy

A strong data governance foundation underpins data security and privacy. Find out how to connect the dots across the data trinity – governance, security and privacy – and to act accordingly.
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Application Development Is New Again

Be positioned to deliver unique, real-time and responsive apps that will enhance your reputation among users and support a wealth of new business opportunities related to digital transformation.
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GDPR and Your Business: A Call to Enhance Data Governance Expertise

Moving data governance initiatives forward in a comprehensive and holistic manner is a must for achieving regulatory compliance, but DG is also the engine for raising the bar on customer satisfaction and better decision-making too.
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2018 State of Data Governance Report

The State of DG Report presents a cautionary tale about what enterprises need to do to advance their data governance agendas and includes some practical insights.
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Application Portfolio Management for Mergers and Acquisitions in the Financial Services Sector

This e-book discusses how companies in the financial services sector can adopt application portfolio management to support their M&A activities.
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Data Governance Is Everyone’s Business – Financial Services

Our popular e-book on the new era of data governance for regulatory compliance and beyond has been updated with a focus on the financial services industry.
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Data Governance Is Everyone’s Business

This e-book explores the evolution of data governance, marked by the idea that everyone within the organization collaborates in the process to inform and enable the effort’s return on investment.
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Data Governance 1.0 Is Dead, Long Live Data Governance 2.0

Regulatory pressures underscore the vital role of data governance, yet Australia’s organisations tend to lag behind in terms of defining what data governance means and how to approach it. This white paper explores data governance as a strategic initiative, as opposed to just an IT program, and how to get started.
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Application Portfolio Management for Mergers & Acquisitions

This e-book explores intelligent APM, using data modeling and enterprise architecture to maximize, optimize and govern data assets and respond to management, customer, regulatory and other issues – regardless of which applications remain in place and which are phased out.
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Designing High-Performance Data Structures for Couchbase and MongoDB

As the data modeling industry leader, erwin has identified a critical success factor for the majority of organizations adopting a NoSQL platform like Couchbase or MongoDB. Learn what that success factor is in this technical white paper.
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