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White Papers

Application Portfolio Management for Mergers and Acquisitions in the Financial Services Sector

This e-book discusses how companies in the financial services sector can adopt application portfolio management to support their M&A activities.
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Data Governance Is Everyone’s Business – Financial Services

Our popular e-book on the new era of data governance for regulatory compliance and beyond has been updated with a focus on the financial services industry.
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Data Governance Is Everyone’s Business

This e-book explores the evolution of data governance, marked by the idea that everyone within the organization collaborates in the process to inform and enable the effort’s return on investment.
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Data Governance 1.0 Is Dead, Long Live Data Governance 2.0

Regulatory pressures underscore the vital role of data governance, yet Australia’s organisations tend to lag behind in terms of defining what data governance means and how to approach it. This white paper explores data governance as a strategic initiative, as opposed to just an IT program, and how to get started.
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Application Portfolio Management for Mergers & Acquisitions

This e-book explores intelligent APM, using data modeling and enterprise architecture to maximize, optimize and govern data assets and respond to management, customer, regulatory and other issues – regardless of which applications remain in place and which are phased out.
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Designing High-Performance Data Structures for Couchbase and MongoDB

As the data modeling industry leader, erwin has identified a critical success factor for the majority of organizations adopting a NoSQL platform like Couchbase or MongoDB. Learn what that success factor is in this technical white paper.
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Taking Control of NoSQL Databases

The digital world is moving faster than ever before, so the enterprise needs to keep pace by becoming data-driven.That means using Big Data – much of it unstructured – to effectively respond to customers, partners, suppliers and other parties in real time – and profit from those efforts.If you’re considering the transition from traditional relational databases to NoSQL – or if you’re already using the technology – then this e-book is for you!
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Data-Driven Business Transformation

Companies such as Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix and Uber have realized the value of data, harnessing it to create new business models, redefine and disrupt entire markets, and change the way customers think and therefore behave.Known as data-driven enterprises, these organizations have transformed everything – how they make decisions, invent new products or services, and improve processes to add to both their top and bottom lines.
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Enterprise Architecture & Data Modeling

Practical steps to collect, connect and share your enterprise data for better business outcomes. Effective data and enterprise architecture management is about enabling smarter business decisions; providing management access to the right information, in the right format, at the right time. In this white paper, you’ll discover how to: Adopt a business-outcome approach to enterprise architecture....
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Enterprise Data Architecture and Data Governance: Use Metadata to Get to the Starting Gate

Instituting data governance within the organization will help ensure compliance with business policies, as well as reduce risks. But how does one get started with data governance? In this white paper we explore some challenges in bootstrapping a data governance program and consider key methods for using metadata to establish the starting point for data governance....
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