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Business Architecture

Tame complexity, manage change and be ready to rock the future

Just like any living organism, an organization has to adapt or evolve to survive and thrive. The modern enterprise relies on accurate information from business and enterprise architects to steer itself in the right direction.

Unlike hiring one architecture firm to build your dream house or a fancy new office building, an enterprise must manage multi-disciplinary architects, including business and enterprise architects. Our customers often interchange the terms “business process” and “enterprise architecture” because both are strategic functions with many interdependencies.

However, business process architecture defines the elements of a business and how they interact with the aim of aligning people, processes, data, technologies and applications. Enterprise architecture defines the structure and operation of an organization with the purpose of determining how it can achieve its current and future objectives most effectively, translating those goals into a blueprint of IT capabilities. Although both disciplines seek to achieve the organization’s desired outcomes, both have largely operated in siloes.

The demands of digital business have required more IT and business collaboration though. So business and enterprise architects have to carry out their distinct responsibilities efficiently and cost-effectively and then collaborate with each other and senior executives to make decisions about how best to produce results, such as driving new value and revenue. In fact, Gartner reports 63 percent of CEOs are looking to change their business models and 49 percent already are working on new business models to drive revenue and innovate around customer needs.

The analyst firm goes on to explain that “creating business and operating models is complex and requires change across many elements of the organization — from its business ecosystem, to the way it’s organized and the technology utilized — and transformation must be designed and orchestrated across each of these elements.” Therefore, [business and] enterprise architects need models that provide insight into the complex, interrelated and interdependent parts of the organization to engage senior executives in design and decision-making.

erwin provides modeling and analysis software to support both business process and enterprise architecture practices and enable their broader collaboration. We’ve deployed and continue to support some of the world’s largest implementations, including central repositories with thousands of users through:

  • erwin BP powered by Casewise – Powerful business process modeling and analysis software to visualize process flows, system interactions and organizational hierarchies to shine a light on areas ripe for innovation, improvement or reorganization.
  • erwin EA powered by Casewise – Deployed on premise or via the cloud, this full-featured enterprise architecture modeling software gives enterprise architects everything they need to plan, manage and respond to business and IT change while driving digital transformation.

The hallmark of each is a central repository and the ability to provide tailored, role-based views to different stakeholders based on their needs. These features ensure business and enterprise architects have a central source from which to collect, model and share the respective facts with their teams, business units and senior organization leaders.

Wider enterprise collaboration and governance is made possible with the erwin EDGE platform, which integrates erwin EA and erwin BP with erwin’s data modeling, data cataloging and data literacy software. The result is a unified ecosystem with no technical or organizational silos so operational performance can be optimized while reducing inherent risks.

erwin also offers business process and enterprise architecture consulting services. Our team of strategic consultants, business process specialists, enterprise architects and expert trainers will apply their expertise built on tested methodologies and industry best practices to understand and assess your operations and IT states.

Time to pop the hood and see what you’ve got to work with to move your organization forward through business and enterprise architecture.