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Most organizations operate at a fast pace of change. Businesses are constantly evaluating market demands and enacting change to drive growth and develop a competitive edge. These market demands come from a broad number of sources, and include economic changes, market trends, regulations, technology improvements and resource management. Knowing where the demands originated, whether they...

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This post addresses the capabilities and requirements for enterprise architecture workspaces & versioning. When envisioning and planning out any initiative, especially an architectural driven one, its important to keep an overall enterprise blueprint (model) up to date and maintained. Various initiatives and plans may impact upon the blueprint over its lifetime. As an enterprise evolves, then...

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Back in March at our erworld virtual conference, I participated in a DM Radio session that discussed the reality of living in a hybrid data world. It was interesting and eye-opening in many ways, yet confirmed what I always believed – Big Data is a reality (no surprise) but companies are still living in a...

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In today’s technology-driven business environment it’s clear that no organization can survive and thrive without a focus on three core pillars – Agility, Speed and Innovation. Business leaders already recognize the significance of technology in delivering these capabilities to remain competitive and get ahead of the competition, but how can enterprise IT teams deliver? Research by the BPI Network...

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In my role as Product Marketing Manager for erwin Modeling, I have the pleasure of attending many industry and vendor-sponsored events related to the practice of data management. However, as a representative for a software solution vendor, I often feel like my fellow attendees are taking me “with a grain of salt” because I am...

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Gamification brings elements of traditional game play to drive engagement and behavior. Traditionally, engagement of stakeholders has been critical to the success of innovation and enterprise architecture initiatives. Game players typically exhibit persistence, risk taking, attention to detail and problem solving. All behaviors that would ideally be suited to management of EA and IM. Many...

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