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Coasting and jogging was okay when IT was an agent of support. Infact, the intermediate pacing was ideal for the job, that required teams to operate and maintain mission-critical legacy infrastructure. But since the ascent of digital business, IT teams are now front and center and have garnered a new onus to innovate – and...

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You may have heard the term floating around. You may have even tried to adopt it already. In any case, bimodal approaches to IT are steadily becoming the new normal, as new onus is placed on IT teams to be the forefront of business revolution, innovation and progression, rather than ‘just support’. So what is...

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Unless your head is buried in the sand, it is likely that you have heard talk about 32-bit and/or 64-bit software, processors, or operating systems. Perhaps, even all three. I’m sure that technophiles (e.g., “geeks”) are comfortable with this discussion, but what about “regular” computer users? I am sure many may have an idea what...

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In the past, analysis paralysis and enterprise architecture had gone hand in hand causing bottlenecks in new initiatives. It’s natural that you want to be accurate and your work correct. But it’s very easy to become so focused on having every last detail 100% perfect, that it results in delayed decisions and business outcomes – or,...

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