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We should move away from the ‘burden of innovation’ expression. Innovation is born of free thought, expression and creativity, and to label such a notion a ‘burden’ has always seemed a bizarre turn of phrase. Of course, some people are naturally better at innovation than others, and those that struggle with the discipline may feel...

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Greetings and Happy New Year to you all! Over the past 9 months, the erwin Modeling team has been busy shouting from the mountaintops about our entry in the Data Governance space.  In April of 2015, we released a new edition of our modeling portal, erwin® Web Portal Data Governance Edition, and we have focused...

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Walk before you run. We’ve heard it a million times, referencing almost as many different disciplines. Yet as time is limited, it’s often human nature to want to get things done quickly. However, much like our first steps, building a successful Enterprise Architecture practice is a process worked on and developed over time. This is...

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Upgrading doesn’t have to be a difficult experience, but it does require planning. If you model your “as is” environment and your “to be” environment, prepare a written plan to get from A to B, review all necessary documentation, and then perform a dry run in a test environment, you can make a smooth migration...

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