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erwin Expert Blog

In Enterprise Architecture (EA), Office tools often act as an easy entry point to the discipline. In most cases, low maturity EA initiatives make use of the tools they already have Excel, Powerpoint, Word and Visio are often used in faux-tandem – meaning documents from any or all of the four suites are often bolted on...

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A New Day for erwin

by Mark Lukianchuk

As I’m sure you know by now, we’re now known as erwin, Inc. You really don’t need an introduction, because in many ways we are the same as we were before. The same team full of passionate people dedicated to the industry-leading product who love to work with our customers and partners around the world....

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Linkedin can be a great place to find new opportunities, and let new opportunities find you. That said, many people assume that’s all it’s for. Used correctly, Linkedin can be a great source of new knowledge, and a good way to keep an eye out for industry trends. A quick search on Linkedin for the Enterprise Architect...

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Digital transformation remains a hot topic as the convergence of new customer preferences and expectations, and the increasing number of touchpoints is driving business and technology decision-making like never before. Rising to this challenge in the digital business world requires a laser-like focus on the customer and innovation opportunities, which means change is a necessity....

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Anyone who uses any application sooner or later thinks, “I wish I could do this or that,” or “If I was writing this application, I’d do this or that in a different way.” Admit it, being a Database Developer or Modeler, you have a lot of expertise and ideas that you feel would benefit you...

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