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Strategic planning enterprise architecture is helping organization’s keep their enterprise architecture initiatives business outcome focussed … Strategy essentially describes an organization’s means to an end. Good strategy requires a healthy understanding of the end goal before the methods to reach it are hashed out, and much of this understanding lends itself to “Strategic Planning.” In...

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We’ve come a long way from Enterprise Architecture’s (EA) beginnings. The Enterprise Architecture domain has grown rapidly, serving to deliver strategic guidance on IT activities and planning. Several core components of EA are by now, widely used in IT. Components such as revealing the relation between layers of applications and technology, or between processes, functions...

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Idera just released another er/Studio to erwin head-to-head comparison with the title “er/Studio 2016 vs. erwin 9.64 Comparison Guide,” which is now available for download. The paper is authored by Dr. Nicholas Khabbaz and François Cartier of e-Modelers, the preferred partner of Embarcadero Technologies (now part of Idera). Not exactly an impartial opinion. Keep that...

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Universities and higher education institutions, just like other complex organizations, must develop an efficient and cost effective method of collecting, building and sharing information to accomplish its strategic goals. With a coordinated approach to investing in technology, processes and people across the organization they can deliver change and transformation initiatives; improving the student experience, digitizing...

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