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The increased frequency in organizational disruption – thanks to the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and increased focus on digital business – has made Enterprise Architecture (EA) more integral to business than ever before. EA is needed in order to steer through such disruption to not only limit any negative fallout, but to...

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The current push towards digital business and adoption in IoT has caused a revitalized demand of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) profession. EA was often seen as a business arm of IT dedicated to support or “keeping the lights on”. However, a changing business landscape has meant architects are now expected to innovate, meet and navigate disruptions,...

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The increased rate in technology disruptions means more businesses than ever will be looking to start up an Enterprise Architecture (EA) initiative. This has extended to smaller businesses too – many of which wouldn’t have considered EA before – due to the availability of more accessible tools. But where to start? Previously, looks into Enterprise Architecture...

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Having an agile enterprise architecture is essential to enabling a smart city. One of the challenges when creating a smart city is how to represent all the moving parts. From my perspective as KnowNowCities designs new smart places the best approach is to use agile enterprise architecture techniques to describe how the technology is applied...

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The concept of ‘agility’ has permeated almost every inch of the enterprise. It’s not hard to see why either. The promise of faster time to markets, better management of change and disruption, and leaner, more efficient operations is clearly an appealing. Enterprise Architecture (EA) is no exception to the rule. It might have been, for...

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