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Big Data is a huge enabler for business. It provides business leaders and analysts with a depth of information and insight that had previously been impossible to understand. But for many businesses, this depth isn’t always as inviting as one might hope and so the scope of big data, often becomes a catch 22. Big...

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The importance of enterprise architecture agility is growing at a rapid pace. Technology has made us faster. In the last century, we’ve found ways to travel faster, exchange information faster, and most importantly – innovate faster. In fact, there’s an argument to be made that perhaps we’ve entered an age where we innovate too quickly. Think...

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The role and responsibilities of Enterprise Architect’s have already changed so much since the practice’s introduction. It’s practitioners have already had to adjust focus to accommodate the increasingly digital business focused market. In addition to this, the realigning of IT from fringe, support role, to a core business unit has demanded a more forward thinking, innovative approach from them,...

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) has a unique position in the organization. The overview of connected systems, capabilities, departments and business assets, and internal and external ecosystem influences essentially gives Architects a view of the whole living organization from above. The practice of EA has been around for some time, but the insight this perspective can provide has only been...

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Historically, the teething problems in enterprise architecture have prevented it from realising its full potential. However, the uptick in data-driven business has made the practice essential, meaning organizations are looking for an enterprise architecture approach that works best for them. Although they might not always be immediately obvious to the outsider, the value of Enterprise...

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